CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has made headlines this week for his brutally honest take on police reform across the U.S.

Scroll on to watch the poignant clip...

Now, police brutality has long been an issue here in the states.


For too long, our law enforcement has been riddled with unnecessary force and violence, particularly among minority communities.

Our police officers are supposed to be protecting us...


But, sadly, there are a select few who instead choose to abuse their power and privilege, rather than use it for the better.

Countless lives have been lost at the hands of police brutality...


George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and, more recently, thirteen-year-old Adam Toledo, are just 3 of the lives needlessly lost at the hands of violent police officers.

When are things going to change?


That's the main question burning on the lips of Americans at the moment - there have been countless calls for police reform but, so far, little seems to have changed.

But, according to CNN's Chris Cuomo, change will only happen when something truly drastic starts happening...


The murder of "white people's kids."

The news anchor gave a passionate, yet brutally honest speech on the issue during last night's Cuomo Primetime...


And opinions on his words are seriously divided.

Many have applauded Cuomo for speaking so honestly on the issue...

However, others have criticized his words by pointing out that white kids do get killed by police officers...

It just doesn't get covered by the newspapers.

Speaking alongside videos of high-profile police killings, Cuomo said:


"What's going on with these police? Maybe we shouldn't even have police. That kind of madness. That kind of mania. That will be you. That will be the majority. Because it's your people."

He continued:


"How many more? Die of the pandemic, dying from police shootings. George Floyd, Daunte Wright. I wonder if you'll remember their names six months from now because they'll be replaced by so many others."

Then addressing the possibility of police reform, he added:


"Shootings, gun laws, access to weapons. Oh, I know when they'll change. [When] your kids start getting killed. White people's kids start getting killed."

He also went on to note how often the pasts of police violence victims are brought up after such incidents, remarking:


"Why do that? Because you wanna make the problem them. Takes the onus off the idea that you're wrong about policing needing to change. Forget that police are trained to deal with non-compliance with force that is not lethal. Hey, comply or die."

You can listen to his speech below.

Very well said, Mr. Cuomo.