Actor and comedian Chris D'Elia has been accused of grooming underage girls by several different women, and everyone is pointing out one thing...

Ever since the birth of the "Me Too" movement, more and more celebrities and men of power have been exposed for their sexual misconduct.

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The movement initially began back in 2006, when a woman named Tarana Burke started to speak out against sexual harassment and assault, particularly in the workplace.

It took ten years for the phrase to start trending on social media...

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But, in 2016, the newly viral #metoo hashtag had sparked a vital conversation about sexual violence.

And, as the hashtag gained traction...

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More and more famous figures, such as Gweneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon and Lady Gaga began sharing their own stories of sexual assault.

Thousands of women began opening up about their own experiences...

And Charmed actress, Alyssa Milano, suggested that any man or woman who had been sexually harassed or assaulted should tweet “Me too", in order to show the magnitude of this problem.

Well, the hashtag has gone on to open up a huge can of worms.

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Fast forward to today, and industry giants such as Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein have been outed, shamed, and reprimanded for their disgusting sexual attacks.

The hashtag has proven that no one is too powerful to get away with sexual assault...

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And women are feeling more empowered than ever before to speak out against their attackers.

Over the last couple of years, so many famous faces have been accused of sexual assault and misconduct...

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Kevin Spacey, Chris Brown and R. Kelly are just a few of the names amongst the extensive list of men accused of rape, sexual assault, and/or underage grooming.

And now, yet another famous figure has been thrown into the sexual misconduct spotlight.

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Several women have come forward this week to accuse the comedian and actor, Chris D'Elia, of underage grooming.

D'Elia is known best for his role as Alex Millar in the NBC sitcom, Whitney...

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But the recent accusations against him are shocking. All the women who have come forward are going by the same rhetoric that the New Jersey-born actor attempted to groom them when they were underage.

It all started when Twitter user, Simone Rossi, shared a series of screenshots depicting a conversation between herself and someone who appears to be D'Elia back in 2014.

In the texts, D'Elia can be seen asking her to "hang", and asking if she wants to "make out." She was only sixteen years old.

Simone then shared her response when D'Elia had asked for a photograph off her...

She had sent him a photo of an "exotic" panda, in which he had replied "Hahaha the f***** panda. D***." She captioned her post with, "imagine getting owned by a 16-year-old."

Simone's post was quick to go viral...

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But, rather than be criticized like many grooming victims are these days, several other women replied with their own sinister stories of Chris D'Elia.

This Twitter user shared her own screenshots from when the actor was sending her text messages when she was seventeen-years-old.

In the messages, he can be seen asking how old she is, and noting that she was "cute."

This woman also shared a series of screenshots...

According to these text messages, D'Elia had exposed himself to a young woman who had worked at a hotel where he was staying.

The accusations are endless.

"you solicited nudes from minors while u were in Vancouver and tried to f*** my friend when we were 16, and when I called u out on twitter you told her you’d ruin her life if I didn’t delete it. absolute pedophile scumbag."

But, amongst the horrifying allegations...

Everyone is saying the same thing.

In the second season of You, which was released at the end of last year...

D'Elia actually played the role of pedophile, Henderson, who ends up being murdered by Joe.

What are the chances?

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Well, the internet can't get their heads around the irony of the actor's role in the series, which spoke only a little too clearly about his true personality.

People are shocked...

But some are also hoping that he ends up with the same fate as his on-screen persona. Just saying.

D'Elia is yet to respond to any of the allegations.

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But we will be posting updates accordingly. For more on the incredible #metoo movement, keep scrolling...