Chris Hemsworth Undergoing Biggest Transformation Yet to Play Hulk Hogan in Netflix Biopic

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Australian heart-throb, Chris Hemsworth has opened up about undergoing his biggest transformation yet to play Hulk Hogan in an upcoming project.

He had some shocking details to reveal. Keep scrolling to see what the star has had to say…

The thirty-six-year-old Australian is best known for his superhero persona in Marvel’s Thor, but there’s so much more to the actor than his movie appearances.

He is known best for his role as the God of Thunder. Since playing the character of Thor in the movie that was released in 2011, Chris instantly became the official heart-throb of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And it really isn’t hard to see why.

After the release of Thor in 2011, Chris went on to star in 2 more Thor movies: The Dark World (2013) and Ragnarok (2017). He has also appeared in all 3 of the Avengers movies as the God of Thunder.

Playing the huntsman in Snow White and The Huntsman helped Chris show off his acting skills in a totally different light.

Soccer was a huge hobby of Chris’ when he was growing up. Despite getting well into soccer, a shoulder injury prevented Chris from pursuing a career in the popular sport.

But it’s safe to say that we’re all pretty relieved that he made the decision to grace our screens in the past few years.

He is insanely good looking.

It’s no secret that Chris and Liam are notoriously attractive.

They say it runs in the genes, right?

But that doesn’t mean they are inactive when it comes to giving us what we need.

Especially when he was playing Thor in the beloved Marvel flicks.

While he may be no stranger to packing on the muscle for the big screen, never has he done it to this extent before.  

And, judging by his recent interview, he seems to be very excited about the flick.

And will chronicle Hogan’s rise to wrestler fame in the ’80s.

Wrestling makes you pretty buff, so Chris is having to make some big preparations for the role.

“This movie is going to be a really fun project. As you can imagine, the preparation for the role will be insanely physical,” he told Total Film.

“I will have to put on more size than I ever have before, even more than I put on for Thor.” More than Thor?!

“There is the accent as well as the physicality and the attitude.”

“I will also have to do a deep dive into the rabbit hole of the wrestling world, which I’m really looking forward to doing.”

Well, it seems the project is quite a way off being finished. “I haven’t even seen a script yet. The project is deep in development. Todd Phillips and I met to chat about it maybe a year or two ago. We talked about the idea for the film, which I think was going to be a TV series at one point,” Chris confessed. “There were a few different ideas about what portion of his life it was going to be set in, so we spitballed about what it could be and what I thought it might be. Thankfully, they ran with a few of those ideas and the script is in the process of being written – but Hulk Hogan is still quite a way away.” If you want to see what Chris Hemsworth had to say about his brother’s split from Miley Cyrus, just keep scrolling…