Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan ‘Confirm’ Rush Hour 4 Is Happening

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Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan first appeared on our screens together back in 1998 for the first Rush Hour movie. In many ways, they seemed like an unlikely duo, but the result was a hilarious comedy with kick-ass action scenes and it worked better than anybody could have expected. We’ve included the bloopers further down in the article so you can see what we mean!

This was the movie that took both Tucker and Chan’s careers to a different level and was the start of the beloved Rush Hour franchise. Now it looks like Rush Hour 4 has just been confirmed and people can’t believe it. See how the internet reacted to the news below! The level of excitement is unreal.

There are some major sequels heading our way.

The Terminator first came out in 1984. Since then, there have been four more Terminator movies, and this year we will see another hit the silver screen. Terminator: Dark Fate is a direct sequel to the first two movies and will reunite Linda Hamilton onscreen with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Men In Black are back, but with a difference.

This year will see a reboot of the incredibly popular Men In Black. But it will not star Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones. Emma Thompson, however, will star in this instalment. Thank god! The new movie’s name is Men In Black: International and it will star Liam Neeson, Chris Hemsworth, and Tessa Thompson.

Will Smith will be in one sequel, though.

At the end of last year, it was announced that Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are making another Bad Boys movie. This one is going to be named after their catch-phrase: Bad Boys for Life. We can’t wait to see these cops reunite!

No time apart is too long.

The hilarious zombie-spoof movie, Zombieland, is getting a sequel a full ten years after the first movie. And what a line-up! Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, and Abigail Breslin will all star in the movie, plus they’re throwing in Zoey Deutch and Bill Murray for good measure! In the original movie, Breslin’s character, Little Rock, was just thirteen years old and could already take care of herself. It’ll be great to see what she can do now that she’s an actual adult in the sequel!

That’s not the only all-star lineup to be reuniting this year.

Woody, Buzz, and Jessie are going to be back on our screens this June in Toy Story 4, nearly a decade after Toy Story 3 and twenty-four years after the first Toy Story movie! This movie is sure to be a hit. And that’s not the only nineties story that’s making a comeback this year.

This new movie is the one that’s got people really excited.

It looks like Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker have announced that there is going to be a Rush Hour 4. Can you believe it? After years of rumors, it’s finally happening!

“The fastest hands from the East meet the biggest mouth in the West.”

Do you remember Rush Hour? In 1998, Brett Ratner put Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker together for the first time and created cinematic gold. The combination of deadly martial arts and quick-talking jokes proved to be the recipe for an instant hit. The movie raked in $244 million.

We all know and love Jackie Chan.

Born in Hong Kong, Jackie Chan was sent to the China Drama Academy, after his parents moved to Canberra Australia, and he wasn’t doing too well at school. He excelled at acrobatics, singing, and of course, martial arts. He was part of a performing troupe called “Seven Little Fortunes,” but little did they know then how popular Jackie Chan would become.

It took Jackie Chan a while to break into the international scene.

During the 70s and 80s, Jackie Chan became a huge name in Chinese movies, although he was still relatively unknown in the US. However, he did have a small role in the hugely popular movie, Enter the Dragon alongside the legendary Bruce Lee.

Jackie Chan is always the good guy.

In 1978, Jackie Chan starred in Drunken Master. It was during the heyday for martial arts movies, and this one gained particular popularity. He also starred in Winners and Sinners, and Police Story. This was the start of Jackie Chan’s long career as “the good guy.”

Rumble in the Bronx caught America’s attention.

Jackie Chan’s 1995 movie, Rumble in the Bronx, was the first movie in which Chan showcased his unique blend of action and humor. It was this movie that started to catch people’s attention. It wasn’t long before he joined Chris Tucker for the amazing Rush Hour. The bloopers that feature at the end of the movies show how much fun the two of them had working together. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen them yet, we’ve included them in the article so you can have a good laugh!

That’s when Jackie Chan’s career started to really take off.

After Rush Hour, Jackie Chan became in hot demand. He starred in Shanghai Noon in 2000 and its sequel, Shanghai Knights, in 2003, alongside Owen Wilson. He starred in The Tuxedo in 2002, and Around the World in Eighty Days two years later. He’s now been in multiple big hits including Kung Fu Panda, The Spy Nextdoor, and the remake of The Karate Kid. He’s definitely moved out of Bruce Lee’s shadow now.

Jackie Chan still likes to do all of his own stunts, but insurance companies don’t like it.

Despite being a big name, Chan still does almost all of his own stunts. Insurance companies won’t underwrite him, because he’s too famous. And it’s easy to see why. He has broken his nose three times, as well as his ankle, multiple fingers, both cheekbones, and his skull. Speaking of doing things himself, Chan set-up his own stunt company called Jackie Chan Stuntman Association. He trains everyone and pays all their medical bills himself!

Martial arts aren’t his only skill.

Jackie Chan dubs his own films from English into Mandarin, or from Mandarin into English. That’s not an easy thing to do. He’s also a bit of a singer. He sang in the Chinese version of Mulan, and he’s released several albums. He actually sang at the Beijing Olympics’ closing ceremony!

Jackie Chan holds two Guinness World Records.

His first world record was due to the movie Chinese Zodiac (CZ12), in which he held the record for the most credits in one movie. He had fifteen different roles, including director, producer, and actor! His second world record is for the most stunts by a living actor. It is certainly easy to believe that he would hold this record after being in over one-hundred movies, almost all of which demand that he performs martial arts.

“The master of smash and the talker of trash” returned to our screens.

Although Jackie Chan is beloved for many of his roles, it’s Rush Hour that made him a Hollywood favorite. It was so popular that, three years later, it was brought back for a sequel, Rush Hour 2. This time, they made even more money; the movie brought in a whopping $347 million at the box office.

Chris Tucker found success quickly.

Chris Tucker first hit the big screen in the early nineties and he quickly made a big impact. One of his first movies was Friday, wherein he acted alongside Ice Cube. He then appeared with Charlie Sheen in Money Talks, before starring in Tarantino’s Jackie Browne. That was the year before he got the role in Rush Hour.

Chris Tucker was the highest paid actor in Hollywood.

For the last two Rush Hour movies, he received $20 million and then $25 million, plus a large percentage of the gross profit. He has only starred in two movies since then, one of which was Silver Linings Playbook. And who can blame him? With that sort of money, why would he want to work?

The boys took to Europe for Rush Hour 3.

In the third instalment of the Rush Hour franchise, released four years after the previous movie, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker took their escapades to Paris. While the movie didn’t make quite as much money as the first two, it still made $258 million at the box-office. Pretty impressive! More importantly, Rush Hour 3 cemented the pair as the perfect comedy-action duo. But what can we expect from the next movie?

What can we expect from Rush Hour 4?

From the very first Rush Hour movie, much of the humor has been based on the cultural differences between Lee and Carter. In particular, the two are known for their moments involving listening to music in the car. In the first movie, the duo enjoyed the Beach Boys’ “Surfin’ USA”, and the third movie included “Lady Marmalade”. We can’t wait to see which song this new movie includes! Which song do you think would be best to see them singing along to?

There’s nothing funnier than some well-timed, slap-stick humor.

The Rush Hour movies are unique in terms of containing incredible martial arts scenes, and hilarious comedy. In particular, they tend to contain a lot of physical, slapstick humor. You’ll see what we mean in the bloopers below. Hopefully, there will still be a lot of that, despite the actors being a little older than they were when they first started.

They might need to make a few changes for this new movie.

While the previous three Rush Hour movies were all hilarious back in the day, times have changed. It’s no longer tolerated to have men ogling and objectifying women in the same way that they once did. Nor are racial stereotypes, or “casual racism” thought of as being funny. It should be more than possible for this new movie to keep its comedic angle without causing offence.

People are getting very excited at the news of Rush Hour 4 happening.

It has been over a decade since Rush Hour 3 was released, but people have definitely not forgotten about this movie franchise. The chance to see Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker pair up again is worth being excited for.

People can’t believe it.

We’ve been hearing rumors for years, but it looks like people are finally starting to believe that there will be a Rush Hour 4. But, it is worth mentioning that, so far, people are just assuming that this is the case, after seeing one photo of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker together. There may yet be disappointment ahead, folks.

Is it too late for this sequel?

One Twitter-user has voiced their doubts about Rush Hour 4, citing the fact that Chris Tucker is forty-eight, and Jackie Chan has just turned sixty-five years old. He sure looks good for his age, though! With the number of physios, coaches and nutritionists around these days, we’re sure that they’ll be able to handle it. Whether or not Jackie Chan will still be doing all of his own stunts is currently unknown. It would be pretty awesome if he does, but the bloopers might be a lot longer. Not that that’s a bad thing! Check out the previous movies’ bloopers below, they’re hilarious!

Rush Hour 4 is what we need in our lives.

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker make an unlikely, but hilarious team. It would be such a shame to miss out on an opportunity to see them in a movie together again. Hopefully, Chris Tucker’s Instagram post wasn’t a cruel tease and the movie is actually happening!

Imagine acting in a movie in a foreign language.

Sure Jackie Chan usually lets his fists do the talking, but he is also doing the whole movie in a language that is ultimately foreign to him. We’ve got to admit, though, it is funny watching these two struggling to get their lines right.

The stunts look even more realistic in the bloopers.

Jackie Chan is incredible. Most actors get a stunt double in, even when their character is just taking a shower, but Chan does everything himself. And he doesn’t even have any martial art qualifications!

Everybody, cheese!

The movies are always funny, but it’s definitely a bonus knowing that such a hilarious gag reel is still to come at the end of the movie. Let’s hope that they do that for the new movie too.

We can’t wait.

Despite the fact that they are a few years older now, the humor and chemistry is bound to be the same as it always has been; we think that this movie will be an instant hit! Plus, it’d be great to get some old-school martial arts back on the screen. We’re getting pretty sick of watching CGI all the time… What do you think? Are you excited?