Chris Watts' Mistress Nichol Kessinger Reveals Her First Words To the Killer After His Family Disappeared | 22 Words

Chris Watts' mistress Nichol Kessinger has spoken out about the chilling details of what he said to her after his family disappeared...

Chris' horrific crimes have left the world shocked.

And, since the release of American Murder: The Family Next Door on Netflix, the harrowing case has become known to people all across the globe.

And now...

More details have emerged, including the first thing Chris' mistress, Nichol, said to him after his family had disappeared.

The events that followed would lead her to go to the police.

Providing bombshell information that would prove crucial to the case... though it has come at a price for Nichol.

With the use of Shanann's Facebook videos and police bodycam footage, the documentary delves into the story of the seemingly idyllic Watts family.

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From an outsider's perspective, Chris and Shanann Watts had it all - a large Colorado family home and 2 beautiful daughters - 4-year-old Bella and 3-year-old Celeste.

However, behind closed doors...

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Things were far from perfect.

And, when a pregnant Shanann and her daughters suddenly went missing in August 2018...

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A disturbing series of lies, betrayals, and murder began to gradually unfold.

The alarm was first raised on August 13th, 2018, when Shanann's friend, Nickole Atkinson, rang the police saying she was concerned for her wellbeing.

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She had dropped Shanann home in the early hours of the morning after a business trip and hadn’t been able to get hold of her since. She noted also that a pregnant Shanann had missed a doctor's appointment.

The police quickly attended the Watts residence...

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Where they found no signs of foul play, but all of Shanann’s personal belongings, such as her wedding ring and cell phone. It was then that Shanann and her 2 daughters were officially declared as missing.

This is when things started to get suspicious.

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Chris Watts returned home and, at first, appeared to be the confused and lost husband, telling police he “didn’t know what to do" and appealing for information to do with his wife and daughters’ whereabouts.

However, his story kept changing.

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It didn't take long for the police to grow suspicious of Chris, and it was quickly revealed that he had been having a long-standing affair with a colleague from work.

Just 2 days after Shanann's and the girls' disappearances, Chris was made to sit a polygraph test...

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Which he promptly failed.

From this, Chris then confessed the truth to his father.

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He casually admitted to killing Shanann as well as their 2 daughters.

At first, he tried to claim that Shanann had smothered her children upon finding out about his affair...

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And that he had killed her in a "fit of rage."

But months later, he would go on to retract this claim...

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Thus eventually admitting to smothering the girls himself, shortly after strangling their mother.

After more police probing, Chris eventually revealed that he had taken Shanann and the girls out to an Anadarko Petroleum site where he worked.

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There, he buried Shanann's body in a shallow grave before dumping his daughters in an oil rig which, in order to retrieve their bodies, police eventually had to drain.

In November that year, Chris pleaded guilty to a number of charges:

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5 counts of first-degree murder (including 2 additional counts for his daughters because they were children under twelve), 1 count of unlawful termination of a pregnancy, and 3 counts of tampering with a deceased human body.

But even at this point, he still hadn’t told the true full story of what had happened that fateful day.

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He later told investigators that he and Shanann had argued over their relationship and his wish to leave her, so he had killed her. This woke his daughters, who asked what was going on. He then took Shanann’s body and the 2 girls to the oil site and killed the girls there.

Chris Watts is now serving 5 life sentences in prison...

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As well as eighty-four more years for his other crimes.

And now...

Shocking new details surround his mistress, Nichol, have emerged.

Nichol Kessinger had fallen for the "softly spoken" Watts when the pair began working together.

Despite seeing each other between 4 and 5 times a week, Nichol was set on taking the relationship slow because he had told her he was divorcing his wife Shanann.

But, of course, we know that was all lies.

And Chris' twisted reality painted a very different picture.

When the news broke about Shanann, Celeste, and Bella's disappearance...

Nichol was horrified to discover the man she was in a relationship with was still married and expecting another child.

The day reportedly had started with him sending her messages as normal in which he made no mention of what had happened at home, simply stating he'd been "busy."

Then, at 3:45pm, he sent another text to tell Nichol that his family were "gone."

She was, of course, extremely worried but said he seemed calm...

So she didn't want to worry him more by showing her concern.

But when journalists turned up at the family home...

She knew something wasn't right.

It was then that she found out her boyfriend was still very much married and that Shanann was expecting their third child.

Later that night, in a series of lengthy phone calls and text conversations, Chris gave Nichol his version of events. Nichol said: "I thought, ‘If he was able to lie to me and hide something that big, what else was he lying about?’"

Naturally, she bombarded Chris with questions...

But she says the murderer kept trying to turn the conversation away from his missing family.

The next day, now extremely worried for Chris' wife and daughters...

Nichol pushed Chris for more information on what could have happened to his family.

But something about the way he responded felt off.

He insisted he would never do anything to hurt his family - but Nichol said: "It got to a point that he was telling me so many lies that I eventually told him that I did not want to speak to him again until his family was found."

The next morning she made the decision to call police to tell officers about her relationship with Chris and spoke to the FBI the same day.

"I just wanted to help. With a pregnant woman and 2 children missing, I was going to do anything that I could. "I just felt so, so sad. He's a liar. He lied about everything."

Weld County District Attorney Michael Rourke went on to praise Nichol.

"Nichol Kessinger turned out to have information that I can best describe as being a bombshell," they said.

Sadly, however, her actions meant she had to go into witness protection.

She has even reportedly filed to change her name. Rest in peace Shanann, Celeste, and Bella.