Chrissy Teigen has written an official apology following the discovery of a series of disturbing messages and tweets that were sent to Courtney Stodden and a whole range of other celebrities.

Teigen took to Medium on Monday to write a post that admitted to being a "troll" and an "a**hole," insisting she is "no longer that person."


Her cruel posts on Twitter that date all the way back to 2011 were shared by thousands of fans in the last few months who were shocked at words she wrote about Stodden, Lindsay Lohan, Quvenzhané Wallis, and others.

Back in 2011, Teigen posted a series of tweets telling then-sixteen-year-old Stodden to "go to sleep forever."

Stodden dealt with relentless bullying from Teigen, who tweeted publically at the model: "My Friday fantasy: you. dirt nap. Mmmmm baby," followed by: "go. to sleep. forever."

For those who aren't aware, a "dirt nap" is a sinister reference to someone being dead.

Teigen apologized to Stodden last month, who understandably questioned the sincerity of the apology...

"I accept her apology and forgive her. But the truth remains the same, I have never heard from her or her camp in private. In fact, she blocked me on Twitter," Stodden wrote on Instagram, "All of me wants to believe this is a sincere apology, but it feels like a public attempt to save her partnerships with Target and other brands who are realizing her "wokeness" is a broken record."

In her post on Medium, Teigen wrote that she plans to reach out to those affected by her bullying.

Teigen has since been dropped by several companies, including Safely, the cleaning brand she founded with Kris Jenner, Macy's, Target, and Bloomingdale's.


Following her cyberbullying scandal, Teigen has been let go as guest narrator for the series, co-created by Mindy Kaling.

Teigen began by writing: "Hi all. It has been a VERY humbling few weeks."

"I know I've been quiet, and lord knows you don't want to hear about me, but I want you to know I've been sitting in a hole of deserved global punishment, the ultimate 'sit here and think about what you've done,'" the disgraced model wrote in the lengthy statement.

"Not a day, not a single moment has passed where I haven't felt the crushing weight of regret for the things I've said in the past. I was a troll, full stop. And I am so sorry. I'll honestly get sharp, stabbing pains in my body, randomly remembering my a**hole past, and I deserve it."

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