We've all had our fair share of embarrassing moments. If you're like me, you like to lay in bed and replay them over and over again until you're slowly driven insane from shame and regret. If you're at all into getting eight full hours of sleep, I do not recommend this nightly ritual.

During my years as a server in an upscale retirement home, I had so many mortifying moments that they all seem to blend together at this point, but a few still stick out: The time I launched an entire tray of cranberry juice onto an elderly woman's back, when my hair clip fell onto an old man's plate and splattered fish across his shirt, when I fell down three stairs carrying two full trays in front of the entire dining room. Just revising them now is almost too painful to handle.

So let's all enjoy some hilariously satisfying stories of public humiliation, shall we?

This simple request

Chrissy Teigen proves once again that she is all of us, because who doesn't love a good embarrassing story? It makes us feel better about our own transgressions.

This juicy secret

It is a bit hypocritical of Teigen to demand that her fans reveal their most shameful moments without having the decency to reveal her own, especially considering how much she's built it up to be something truly spectacular.

This dramatic gesture

At least this gives us something to look forward to. It'll be a nice little silver lining for such a dark day. Alright, who's ready for a little schadenfreude?!

This comedy of errors in three parts

It's impressive that he somehow managed to hide this while sitting in an enclosed car with someone else. That had to have been the most terrifying ride of his life.

Part 2

Luckily, we were able to find out even more of this spellbinding tale. His "sitting in silence" was clear why his ex accused him of "acting weird." I wonder if this is what ended their relationship?

Part 3

And finally, the finale. The decision to throw his soiled undies out the window was a bold one, but at least he had the decency to go grab them afterwards.

This poorly placed grab

So much is going on in this story that it's almost hard to process. It's amazing to me that she was able to pull him all the way down onto the ground simply while holding on to that certain appendage. No wonder he was screaming.

This bathroom blunder

The worst thing about this story is that this Twitter user goes on to explain that she later had an interview with the very same woman she almost sat on in a bathroom stall. She didn't think she'd remember. She did.

This airplane awkwardness

It's horror stories like this one that makes me check and double-check the lock on public bathrooms every. single. time. It only takes one time for disaster to strike.

This petty prom date

At least he was able to get the last laugh, right? He sure showed her!

This pants predicament

What a roller coaster ride this story was! I have to say, I was not expecting this ending, but it's an M. Night Shyamalan-level twist.

This convenience store shaming

The fact that they asked this poor man to leave the store was what made this story truly excellent. But seriously, how could they?! He clearly needed medicine more than ever!

This dog betrayal

If Kara Goucher's name sounds familiar, it's because she's a two-time Olympian and world-champion long-distance runner. So, you see? It can happen to anyone.

This check confusion

As a former server, I can see myself doing this exact same thing. And then instantly dying inside.

This coffee catastrophe

This is the kind of hilarious slapstick that only skilled comedians are able to pull off. I would not be able to hide my hysterical laughter if I saw this go down firsthand.

This unfortunate phrasing

The secondhand embarrassment is real with this one. I would probably have put in my two weeks notice immediately after this incident.

This smooth save

Honestly, there were probably much worse things he could have said at this moment than what he actually ended up saying. Sure, there were probably much better things, too...

These unappetizing mints

I'm shocked that everyone dismissed such a generous offer! Also, why did no one tell this woman what she was actually offering? So rude.

This uncomfortable Easter

Toddlers are like tiny drunk people with no filter. Hopefully, this restaurant was filled with parents who have seen, heard, and smelled it all.

This credit card error

This woman is lucky that this stranger didn't call the cops on her inappropriate touching. Here's a tip: Make sure you have a photographic memory of your spouse's butt before trying something risky like this in a crowded bar.

This worm-gone-wrong

I would guess that most worm-related incidents end up about as well as in this heartbreaking story. But don't let that discourage you from attempting it.

This interview fail

This Twitter user went on to say that she ended up getting this job, which just goes to show you that there is life after an embarrassing moment such as this one.

This singing handyman

This confession pulled at my heartstrings. How dare that neighbor tell him to "knock it off?!" Let the man sing!

This terrible toilet tale...

This is one of those stories that starts off badly and just ends up getting more and more awful.

...that just gets worse

Not only did she go to the bathroom somewhere she should not have been going, but a stranger also witnessed the entire incident and let his disappointment be made known. There's no coming back from this one.

This too-friendly greeting

Can we use this example to put an end to the weird air-cheek-kiss gesture? It never goes well.

This perfect timing

Hey, at least this guy has a good sense of humor, right? I would probably have to move immediately after this moment.

This refreshing meal

Let's hope it was a very hot day when this happened. At least this person probably got a free meal out of it?

This video evidence

The fact that this was caught on film is truly unfortunate. There's no way she can repress it to the point of pretending it never happened because her co-workers probably play it on loop during every shift.

This star-studded snafu

It's one thing to spill a drink on a normal, non-famous customer, but Christy Turlington? And right in front of Vera Wang?! He probably should just move out of New York City at this point.