Chrissy Teigan has always been known for her amazing sense of humor, but her most recent stunt has to be the funniest thing she's ever done. The social media star decided she was going to leave it to her fans to photoshop two of her photos in the hopes of winning a "special prize."

The results have been beyond hilarious so we've compiled a list of some of the best ones.

Happy scrolling!

This was the post that started the trend...

And within minutes, some amazing edits poured in.

Fat Cat.

The perfect duo.

Who Runs The World?


Ed's Helping Hand.

We could all use an Ed during the lockdown.

A Different Ed.

Not this Ed though...

Baby Girl Lisa.

Sticking with the 90 Day Finance theme, Usman better lower his gaze before Lisa catches him.


"Wall of me, loves wall of you."

Arty Farty.

We love it!

Real Tears.

Chrissy loved this one so much she commented: "damn I could cry."

Trump's (in the) Wall.

She does look like a detective with that trench coat on.

Zoom Calls.

Chrissy's internet connection isn't great...

Arthur's Admirer.

It takes me back...

Brush It Out.

It's called fashion. Get with it.

The Herd.

Why does this work so well?


This is better than half the hair adverts out there.

The Squad.

Don't hate the player, hate the game.

Smart Ass.

Some people really tried it... But it's probably not going to get them too far.


Don't try and fix something that isn't broken.


Definitely a front runner here...

A Little Surprise.

Can you see it?


This is an accurate reaction to such an amazing picture.

BBQ Becky.

What a comeback.


Chrissy, please. No. Please.


Ten points for this one.

Who Wore It Better?

Chrissy, of course.

Family Photos.

I wish she made more of an effort with her hair...


Couples that dress together, stay together.

Judging You.

This is how haters look at you when you're wearing a cute outfit.


You gotta face your fears one day...

Look Away...

Or prepared to be scarred.


Chrissy deserves to be appreciated.


Every day's a party with this duo.


Isn't this just a screenshot from "All Of Me?"



Couple Goals.

Chrissy stole Usman's woman.

Feat Gotye.

Who else remembers this iconic song?

The Killer Trio.

Still, this isn't the weirdest one I've ever seen...

The Last Supper.

Some people are so talented.

Beauty and the Beast.

This would be an amazing film...

Chrissy's Seat.

Someone doesn't look happy...

Move Over.

"There's no room on the raft..."


Wow or wow?

New York Islanders.

Everyone's getting involved!

Taco Bell 2020.

The perfect advertising concept.

Tom Nook.

Nook's a savage.

Level Up.

Someone even went as far as making a GIF. The dedication though!

Hanging About.

Kind of a weird place for a photoshoot...

Wild Things.

Chrissy's about to become lunch...

Ed's Return.

I know Chrissy's obsessed with Ed, but please. No more.


Apparently, this was inspired by her jacket. Keep scrolling to see more amazing art created by talented individuals...