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Chrissy Teigen Reveals Results of Eyebrow Transplant Surgery

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Chrissy Teigen has took to social media to share the results of her eyebrow transplant surgery.

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Chrissy Teigen has had her eyebrows done.


But no, not in the same way as you, or your friends, or even your friends who have wealth in abundance.

Chrissy actually had an eyebrow transplant.

And now she’s taken to social media to share the results.

She shared a trio of photos to her Instagram story.

On the first, Teigen accompanied the photo with text reading:
“I never wear makeup if I can avoid it so I was so excited for this eyebrow transplant surgery.”

The second, she simply captioned: “Crazy, this is right after surgery.”

Chrissy Teigen Instagram

Eyebrow transplant surgery involves taking hair from the back of a patients head and placing them onto their eyebrows to provide a fuller set of eyebrows.

Teigen also had some staunch words of advice.

Chrissy Teigen Instagram

“Do not pluck them all off like I did!!”

The doctor who carried out the surgery, Dr Diamond, also had the same advice, saying that he had seen ‘entire generations’ pluck out all of their eyebrows…

And that’s it folks.