Town Switches Christmas Lights on in February To Lift Spirits Amid Pandemic | 22 Words

Last year saw one of the darkest years we've experienced, and in order to give people a little more hope, thousands put up their Christmas lights early to spread some joy.

And it looks like the idea has made its way across the pond...

The pandemic is well and truly bringing people down.

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Many have reached new lows over the prospect of facing unemployment and not being able to make ends meet... it is a truly harrowing time.

But among the struggles and despair...

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People are still managing to hold on to hope.

There have been many ways in which people have been raising spirits over the last year...

Whether that's donating to food banks or Italians singing in the quarantined streets, our faith in humanity has been slightly restored by these little acts of kindness.

But the most recent joyous move is a rather unusual one...

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And it involves Christmas lights.

It all started when a picture was posted to Twitter last March...

It was captioned, "My youngest son was bored today and said, 'can we put Christmas lights on our tree outside to cheer us up?' Great idea buddy. Lights are on tonight as a sign of hope and the sweet mind of my 10-year-old."

The heartwarming gesture was praised heavily...

And people began doing the exact same thing.

These small acts of kindness have been spread a long way...

"Today a few of my neighbors decided we needed a bit more light in this dark time and decided to turn their Christmas lights back on. I hope it brings a smile to you face like it did mine," one woman wrote along with her neighbor's Christmas lights.

We are in uncertain times, and what we need is each other...

Which is why the idea has now spread across the pond to the UK.

A town in Kent has turned Christmas lights on this month to lift spirits during lockdown.

They initially turned off the colorful lights in January, but hundreds voted to switch them back on as the UK goes into harsh Covid restrictions once again. The residents even helped fund the light display!

Julie Corke, the co-founder of Talk of Tankerton, a group of local businesses that arranges the lights, said everyone needs "a bit of light and sparkle."

She said: "Our Christmas lights were so well-received over Christmas."

She continued...

​"But going into a lockdown straight after Christmas and New Year, it just seemed to have to turn the lights off was going to be too dull and too dark for everyone.

"Everyone needs a bit of light and sparkle through lockdown to make them smile."

"We switched them off, then among ourselves discussed turning them back on."


We don't blame them!

The extra money from the fundraiser will be going towards next year's light display.

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