These ‘Alternative’ Christmas Trees Are Totally Amazing

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As we get closer and closer to Christmas Day, the panic may be starting to set in.

Have you gotten all of your shopping done? Is everything wrapped? Did you send the Christmas cards out? Did you remember to put out that godawful Santa figurine that your mother-in-law gifted you last year?

You may be especially panicked if you still don’t have your tree up. Now, honestly, it’s not that big of a deal. Plenty of families have perfectly wonderful holiday seasons with no Christmas tree in sight! The thing is, putting up a Christmas tree is hard work! If you opt for the real thing, you’ve got to go through the rigmarole of choosing The Perfect Tree, then securing it to the top of your car and hauling it home, then fussing with it until it’s balanced in the tree stand. If you have an artificial tree, get ready to spend a few hours lugging the flimsy box up from the basement and fluffing the fake branches until it looks like a tree. And then you have to decorate it!

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the idea of putting up your tree, we recommend considering one of the following alternative options:

Like this ER tree:

All you need for this one is some gloves and a healthy pair of lungs! And maybe some tape.

Or this one from the IT department:

Hey, you tried to decorate it! There was just clearly a glitch of some sort. Not your fault!

This tree works for cat-lovers:

In fact, it’s one of the only Christmas trees that work for people who own cats. Good luck knocking that one down!

You could always just leave it in the box:

Put some garland on that thing and call it a day. People will get the idea.

Here’s another one the cat can’t destroy:

But it will still try to destroy it. Mark my words.

Now you’re thinking in portals!

This tree is a triumph. I’m making a note here: Huge success.

This tree is invisible!

The best part about this design is that you don’t have to spend three hours each day sweeping up pine needles! I’m a fan.

Beery Christmas!

Hey, it’s got green parts and a pointy top. What more could you want?

This one smells nice!

Hey, plenty of room for presents under that tree! And it only costs $3.

Looks like the Little Drummer Boy has been here:

You can’t beat this tree! I mean, you literally can. Because it’s a drum. You get it.

Meat Me Under the Mistletoe.

Christmas is all about spending times with the ones you love. Sometimes, those “ones” are sausages.

Have a Hockey Jolly Christmas!

Talk about Christmas tree goals, eh?  

In the midst of a renovation?

No problem! Anything tall can be a Christmas tree if you add some lights to it!

Christmas bacTREEria:

This is gross and also wonderful! It’s a Christmas miracle!

Even deployed soldiers can celebrate with a tree.

And you thought you were tired of all the Christmas goings on. This tree is literally tires.

Here’s yet another cat-friendly tree!

Climb away, little fella! You’re not gonna knock that one over!

Here’s a chemisTREE!

I’d say this experiment was successful. Let’s hope they can replicate their results next year.

Even household chores can be a tree.

Take, for instance, this laundTREE. As an added benefit, now you don’t have to fold this laundry until after the holidays!

Cookie monster tree.

You’d better watch out. This guy is definitely going to battle Santa for those cookies you left out.

Here’s a tree made of ice.

Cons: You can’t bring it inside because it will turn it into a puddle. Pros: Literally everything else.

This tree went over to the Dark Side.

I sense something. Presents I have not felt since…

Living in a small space? Just use the wall!

As someone whose living room is approximately 70 percent tree at the moment, I kind of wish I had thought of this. Oh well. There’s always next year!

This tree is totally lit…erary.

Don’t you just want to cozy up next to this tree with a good book and a cup of tea? (I hope the books they’re currently reading aren’t part of the tower!)

You can always count on the TV.

Or a computer monitor! Or a picture of a tree that you printed out from the Internet!

At the Christmas potty hop.

Do you smell what I smell? It’s a Christmas tree! Kind of!

Christmas cactus.

Joke’s on them. Your tree is going to last way longer! Also, those lights are very very cute.

Here’s another IT tree:

That’s pretty good cable management if you ask me. (Also, iPads for Christmas! Are you hiring?)

A very college Christmas tree:

Do you wanna know how I know you’re in college? Because you have enough pizza boxes to make a tree out of them. And because you’ve clearly neglected to take out the trash for weeks.

Christmas movies!

Lots of people watch Christmas movies during the holiday season. Not many create a tree out of them, though.

Christmas in Australia:

In Australia, Christmas happens during the summer! Time to break out the fan. Share this with someone who loves decorating for Christmas…or with someone who’s procrastinating this year.