Christmas Tree Eyebrows: the New Holiday Trend Is Here and Well, It's Definitely Something | 22 Words

It seems like there's always a new beauty trend that makes us stop and go, "Huh?"

For instance, there was the time that "furry nails" seemed like they were going to be a thing. No, thank you. Or how about the time that KFC released edible nail polish that was "finger-licking good." Ummm, sure. That's fine, we guess.

But the latest trend that we still can't figure out? Christmas tree eyebrows.

We're all about being festive, but this is definitely taking things to a new level.

Apparently, in order rock Christmas tree brows, you've got to decorate them. You know, similar to how you would decorate a Christmas tree.

But don't worry ... if you're unsure how to get the look, there are beauty bloggers with tutorials that can help.

Like this one, from beauty vlogger Taylor R. In the video, you can see how she goes about decorating her brows with festive glitter.

And honestly? It's pretty cute.

It's definitely out there, nobody's denying that. But we can kind of imagine seeing this look at a holiday party.

You can even add your own style to them, like this girl's all-green brows.

Now that's what we call a Christmas tree eyebrow. If you're going to go for it, why not go all the way?!

It seems like people are very into this trend.

There are lots of girls uploading photos on Instagram, and in general, the feedback is positive. It's also cool to see how the beauty community supports one another, instead of tearing each other down. But are Christmas tree eyebrows cute ... or not?

Some people are really taking things as far as they can possibly go.

And all the more power to them! Although this one is definitely a little more intense than the other looks. As one commenter put it, "Go big or go home, girl."

Don't be alarmed if you start seeing these babies pop up all over this holiday season.

Simply search the hashtag "#ChristmasTreeEyebrows" and you can see just how many people are trying them out. The look doesn't seem too complicated to do, which is probably why it's so popular.

It's also the perfect thing to occupy yourself with if you're home for the holidays and want to avoid your weirder family members.

You can just hole up in your room in front of the mirror and go to town. It sure beats talking to your uncle about politics, right?

We can't help but wonder if in 50 years, people will look back on this trend and think, "What WAS that?"

Or maybe they'll pine for a time when this was the coolest thing. Again, we stand by the fact that Christmas tree brows are cuter than furry nails.

Besides, anybody who's hating on it is just being a Grinch.

And they probably need to get in the holiday spirit. Maybe send them a tutorial on how to perfect Christmas tree eyebrows?