Holy Crap, We Can’t Stop Laughing at These Church Signs

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You’ve seen some clever billboard signs or even some laughable ads on a street bench. But have you looked at church signs lately? If you haven’t, you are really missing out on a good laugh and sometimes a solid reality check.

It’s been a pretty popular trend lately to see “this week in church signs” on Twitter. This is where people capture hilarious quotes written on church signs.

Some are quite inspiring, some are pretty radical, others make absolutely no sense. Either way, they are quite laughable and can brighten up your day, regardless of your religious background.

Take me to church

Churches are all different and you never know what really goes on inside until you decide to go to one. Sometimes, all you know about that church is what they put on their signs, which can be a good or a bad thing.

Oh Lord

Get ready to giggle because some of these church signs are going to make you laugh, cry or maybe feel slightly attacked.

A whole lot of faith

This sign just straight up told you to get to church and sit your butt down.

Safe, not spooky

No ghosts at this church! Just some good old fashioned jokes.

Preach it

Who needed to hear this? It’s like they read my mind.

Can I get an amen?

Simple, sweet, true. Always stay thankful.

God’s watching

This church knows if you’re sleeping in on Sundays. You probably get docked some attendance points.

You know who you are

Church is not afraid to throw some shade and they’ll put it in large letters so everyone knows.

Seasons change

Church stays the same.

Surprise baptism

Get ready to get dunked at this church because they will throw you in some holy water without any warning.

Soak it in

This church probably has blow up pools ready to go for any trespasser that sets foot near their building.

Decisions, decisions

I appreciate the bluntness. At least you’re not overwhelmed by the options.

Called out

I feel like there are a lot of people that really need to read this sign and then read it again.

Holy shade

This church is not playing games and clearly, they are not afraid to call some people out.

Can you handle the truth?

The haters really need to hear this one. Might have to say it again for all the people in the back.

All love

A special shout out for our transgender friends because they deserve it. We could all learn a thing or two from this sign.

Too late

Who knew churches could have such dark humor? I’m a big fan.

Siri, take me to church

No rerouting here. God knows all directions.

Can’t escape

You can’t run from Jesus or germs apparently, so make sure you keep that hand sanitizer on lock and your prayers on repeat.

Major key

I might get this tattooed on my face because I think everyone needs to hear this.

Be alert

You heard the sign, people. Look busy!

All turkeys welcome

Even if you’re the biggest turkey, this church has plenty of space for you. They don’t discriminate.

Demons are not friends

Time to say thank you, next, to those demons.

Straight to the heart

Really have to rethink my life after that last sign.

Cray cray

This sign just gets it, but also sounds like my dad when he’s trying to be hip and relevant.

Hotline bling

You have to have God on speed dial, you never know when you’ll need a miracle.

The cloud

Who knew the Old Testament was so technologically advanced. I will never look at Moses the same way again.

It’s a match

Not sure this church really understands Tinder, but it grabs your attention and maybe that’s the goal.

Attitude adjustment

This would sell nicely on a t-shirt.


Wow! This sign really went there. Anyone else feel personally attacked?

That one hurt

That sign almost made me choke on my water.

Wait, what?

I’m not sure what this means and I don’t think I want to know what the devil’s corn is.

No corn for me

Going to stay away from corn for awhile.


See! Nothing to be afraid of, besides their cheesy jokes. Just a little spooky, spiritual satire.

Satan’s mad

This church has got some haters and Satan is at the top of that list.

Holy humor

Keep an eye out for those church signs because they might just give you the laugh or the inspiration you’ve been waiting for all along. Share this with some friends and #stayblessed.