Cinnamon Toast Crunch Is Releasing 'Cinnadust' Seasoning That You Can Sprinkle on Everything | 22 Words

The undisputed king of breakfast cereals has expanded their market - and the internet is thrilled.

We all agree...

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

And there's one breakfast food that reigns supreme.

It's gotta be cereal, right?

It's as good first thing in the morning...

As it is, last thing at night.

Truly, the king of snacks.

And when it comes to cereal, there's one indisputable winner.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch, of course.

There's just something about that sweet, spicy flavor ...

It's just the best.

Who doesn't love it?

That distinctive flavor ...

Often imitated, never duplicated.

Like a cozy hug for breakfast.

There's nothing quite so comforting.

There's just one problem.

It can be pretty hard to replicate the CNT flavor on the go.

Until now, that is...

Because there's been a very exciting announcement.

Fancy CNT on the move?

via: Instagram

Look no further - and the internet is excited.

Here's the info:

"This should be available exclusively at @samsclub September 1st and then it will be at most other grocers in early 2021. So for now you'll have to keep saving the dust at the end of your box of CTC if you want to sprinkle it elsewhere."

We can't wait!

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