Another day, another bizarre internet trend. There's just something about social media that seems to encourage people to experiment with their appearances, sometimes in strange and unappealing ways. Who can forget the monkey tail beard of 2020? We guess at least we have lockdown to blame for this particular moment of madness ...

But one trend that's gone viral this week might just be the strangest one we've seen. If you don't believe us, check it out for yourself...

Meet the "circle beard." Yep, it's exactly what it sounds like - a circle of beard joining the hairline to create a full circular frame around the face. It's very confusing to the eye - but apparently, it's gaining popularity as we speak.

But that's not to say it's without its naysayers. "Carol Midgley in The Times described the look as like a framing the face with a hairy lavatory seat," one Twitter user wrote. "Looks like someone is giving birth to a fully grown adult," another joked. We can see it!

However, some have a much bigger issue with the trend. "As a man who has lost hair that he will never regain. I take offense to any asscrack that would have so little respect for their hair and would do something so blatantly stupid," wrote one Facebook commenter. "Are they trying to look like Uranus?" another questioned. "If I see any bloke with a 'circle beard', I'm just going to point at him and laugh in his face," a third confirmed.

However, there are some proponents of the style out there. One person said: "It's great. I hope it catches on. I will spend the whole day giggling." We guess that is the one bonus to the look...?

Another suggested: "Can't be all that bad. Doubles as a carry handle." And one big fan gushed: "Omg I love it, These guys look so hot!! Lmfao."

Would you be willing to try out this bizarre trend? Or are you hoping it goes the same way as the monkey tail beard - aka, resigned to the annals on the internet, for us to look back on and laugh at?