City Builds Freeway Bridge Around Tiny House After Owner Refuses to Move | 22 Words

Nowadays houses are extortionate, with many first time buyers unable to save enough for a down payment, this has initiated a new craze of tiny homes meaning people can afford to move out into spaces they can call home.

The results are amazing...

One woman from China was so enamored with her own tiny home that she refused every effort made by the government to make her move.


We've all heard the phrase home is where the heart is.

And nothing could be more true.

No matter what size or shape, a home is a home.

Even if that home is smaller than average.

In fact, tiny homes have become all the rage.

Whether it's due to the reduced price, no mortgage or just the cute atmosphere, people can't get enough of them.

There's a lot to love about Tiny homes, and despite what you might think, they're deceptively specious inside...

Tiny houses really make use of height. Not one square inch of space is wasted, which in turn is amazingly ergonomic.

They have a very Minimalist feel about them.

Just because they're small doesn't mean they're lacking on luxury.

One of my favorite things about tiny homes is there really aren't any restrictions.

This couple turned an old bus into a chic new living space, and we love to see it. Complete with guard dog!

It doesn't get much cozier than this...

These string lights give me life.

There really are no flaws...

Depending on who you choose as a roommate.

It's not hard to see why people love their tiny homes so much.

A lot of time and effort goes into every detail, which can lead to people having a deep emotional bond with the place.

One woman even loved her tiny home so much, that she refused to move.

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Amazingly, the government tried to buy her house off her for over 10 years.

With no prevail.

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After finally calling it quits on getting her to move, they decided to build the motorway bridge around her tiny house in Guangzhou.

The building is now known as a "nail house."

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Due to her rejecting compensation from a developer to demolish it.

The new view isn't all too pleasing to the eye.

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I mean wings of a motorway bridge aren't the first things I'd want to see in the morning.

The one-story house contains a forty-square-meter flat.

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And is now the only house situated in the "pit."

It's not exactly anyone's idea of paradise.

The owner, Liang, said the government had failed to offer her a replacement property so refused to negotiate further.

And was perfectly happy with the developments to her surroundings.

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She said she wasn't worried about what people would think of her for choosing to stay.

I mean that's pretty bold.

She explained: "You think this environment is poor, but I feel it's quiet, liberating, pleasant and comfortable."

Maybe it was before being plonked in the middle of a four-lane traffic link...

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Government officials said that their initial plans for the bridge started in 2010.

And ten years later it might be up and running, but far from what they originally planned.

It's reported that Ms Liang is the only person out of multiple firms and 47 households that refused to budge.

Ms Liang was apparently offered a range of flats and cash for her property, but nothing could tear her away.

Engineers still keep in contact with Ms. Liang about all health and safety updates to ensure she remains safe.

Check out the video of her new surroundings below...

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