These Dads Are The Most Dad Dads Who Ever Dadded

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What would we do without dads in the world? We would somehow have to get along without anyone making the most groan-worthy puns ever.

Whenever we said we were hungry, there’d be no one to say, “Hi, Hungry. I’m dad.” And who would we call whenever the car started making a bunch of weird noises?

Not to mention the fact that if we had no dads, the Internet wouldn’t be nearly as funny as it is today. We’d miss out on a whole bunch of hilarious photos and tweets like the ones included in this list!

Yep, that settles it. We should definitely keep dads around. Enjoy reading through these funny dad posts that perfectly capture everything we love (and love to roll our eyes at) when it comes to dads. And hey — maybe give your own dad a call if you can! He’d probably appreciate it.

Power move.

The vacuum cleaner is right there! The trashcan is probably farther away. I applaud his ingenuity.

Hard at work.

Sometimes dads go to work and spend all day slogging through a bunch of menial tasks in order to get their paycheck. Sometimes, they take a funny picture like this.

This manual was clearly written by a dad:

It’s nice to see that dad’s humor isn’t lost even when it appears solely in text. The use of actual finger quotes is especially impressive.

10/10, would hang on tree.

This seems like one of those weird projects your dad randomly thought up and just had to do immediately. Mission accomplished.

By hook or by crook!

In my experience, dads are the only ones who actually enjoy fruitcake. Can anyone else confirm this?

A clog!

I would definitely find it funny if my dad sent me this picture. Wooden shoe? (That terrible puns goes out to all the dads out there.)

How did this happen?

Taking one bite of a paper wrapper? It could happen to anyone. Eating half of a sandwich while it’s still wrapped? That could only happen to a dad. Or maybe a raccoon.


This dad is a real wordsmith. Pat Sajak would undoubtedly be proud. (FYI: It was “Taking a pop quiz.”)

This dad is so proud of his pineapple.

And I am so proud of him! I hope he has this picture framed in his home.

Technology is hard.

Kindles are thin because you’re supposed to use them as bookmarks. Right?

Frozen Hispanic.

Dads are always on the lookout for opportunities to make visual gags. This is Exhibit A.

This is Exhibit B:

Chugwater. Chug water. I get it.

And here’s Exhibit C:

Whoever made this art installation (or fart installation) had to have known this would happen. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were trying to catch dads in the act.

Venmo me.

This is exactly why I will never introduce my parents to the concept of Venmo. Or any other app that involves money.

Loan denied.

Only a parent would go through the trouble of typing up a letter and creating the letterhead for a prank on their kid. Using mom’s number as the complaint department is a nice touch.

Time for some fun!

I think that roughly 50 percent of all leaf blower activity does not involve leaves at all. I’m OK with that, actually.

Ready to hit the road!

At least he’s going to be safe no matter what! The life jacket is probably my favorite part.

Work smarter, not harder.

The kid is having fun and the hair is getting done. What’s not to like?

Fun with panoramas.

Panoramic photos have gone wrong in so many different ways. But something tells me this was not a mistake.

The long game.

Imagine learning this information as a grown person with a driver’s license and a job. Just…wow.

Homework time!

Something tells me this teacher won’t be sending home parent homework anymore. Good thing, too! What’s the point of graduating if you have to do homework?


I feel like there’s a real story behind this picture. Four dollars? Why only four dollars?!

This is my favorite dad:

This dancing dad has made me smile more than anything else has today. He’s so good! Well, maybe “good” isn’t the right word. But he’s so joyful!


Dads will always go out of their way to find the best way to embarrass you. It’s what they do best.


Everything about this is absolutely delightful. I hope the shopping trip went off without a hitch.

Great technique.

If you haven’t already taught your dad about makeup, let this be an inspiration to you. You could get texts like these!

“Let’s get some toast.”

He has no idea what it means but he’s willing to play along anyway. The ultimate dad.

This one brought a tear to my eye.

You always know you can count on dad to support you. And embarrass you. You don’t get one without the other.

They’re in cahoots!

You just know that cop also has kids and understands the stakes. At least you still got pizza.

Quite the pic!

I can totally understand the confusion! But I’m also laughing at your dad’s expense. Share this with your dad!