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What do you have in common with a still life painting of a bowl of fruit? Well, it might be more than you think. For some reason that I cannot explain (some things in this life you just have to accept), classical art memes have become increasingly popular. It turns out that eras of time ago, people and the expressions they made and the gestures they gesticulated were not all that different from how we behave today. These classical art memes exist to connect us to our past, and vice versa.

These memes are seriously hilarious, and there are Facebook pages and Twitter accounts and subreddits that collect them, but I have curated a list of some of the best and funniest ones. You could almost say it is like a museum of memes! Especially since they all include an actual, historical work of art. You do not need to understand art history to enjoy these memes. They are relatable to all, so sit back, relax, and scroll through this digital museum!

The Girl With the Pearl Earring gets it.

Art is memes. Memes are art. Grammar is dead. Here are some hilarious art memes.

Stages of Michael Jackson

If this is what the artist intended, then wow, they nailed it! They really are all there. Sidenote: The meal is just bread.

Close talker

Seriously, Judas needs to get out of people's faces. No wonder no one liked him.

Do not touch

This painting really looks like a snapshot of someone getting caught touching something they weren't supposed to. But it's a painting! They couldn't have said, "Hey, you! Don't move for 12 hours."

Netflix and chill

This is way too relatable and I can't really stand it. Of course, you're still watching. You're fused to the couch now.


This horrifying cat-spider will haunt my dreams! I am scared to close my eyes now. Help me.

Funny post

Ugh, that's the worst. No, what is actually the worst is when there's one person in the group who's paying attention to you and is like, "I hear you. Go on."


If this is what I look like when I don't have makeup on, then this is what I look like for 99 percent of my life, and you know what? I am at peace with that.


Oh, look at that! Men have been harassing women for centuries! Eons! Since the beginning of time!

Game of Thrones intro

It is quite long. But you just have to make up words to sing along with the music! That's what I do and it goes by very quickly.


What is that?! I can't look away, but I hate it.

Dog names

Oh man! I never think about what my dog has named me in his mind. I mean, he responds to "Mommy" and "Daddy" when my fiancé and I talk to him because we are disgusting.

Outside of work

That transition from work friend to real-life friend is a really tricky line that no one should ever cross unless it's like, inevitable.

I'm fine

"Oh, this? Nah, it doesn't hurt. In fact, I kind of like it. It's shiny!"


This picture is a big mood, and I love it. We should all aspire to be that woman in 2019.


It's bad enough when you snap a pic and it's terrible so you delete it, but imagine sitting for a painting!


Sometimes you need to take a giant jug of mead and down it in the corner. I get it. I've been there.


Nothing like a terrible memory springing up out of nowhere to really wipe that smile off your face. We all know this feeling.


But like, what is the story of this actual painting? Those really are some small children consulting building plans.

Oh look

You know, for a monk or whatever that person is, he's a little high and mighty with his mocking. That person just killed a dragon!

The splash

We all know this feeling. Don't lie. And that is the exact face you make.


She really looks completely pissed off and baffled that she's holding that orange. Why? Why just an orange?


No joke, in college my friends and I walked about two miles in the snow to a party because we got off the subway at the wrong stop. We were so dumb.

Hold the baby

This woman does not look happy to be holding that baby, but to be fair, that baby can't believe it's being held by that woman, either.

Discussing politics

Hey, I did not give the Internet permission to snap this photo of my family Thanksgiving dinner. This is really inappropriate.

Not sure

This has to be the moment that the painting captured. What else could it be?! It's exactly that gesture.


How many times have you done these mental gymnastics: "If the light stays on all night, that's not terrible, right? I mean, I am bundled up here."


OK, this one requires some knowledge. That there is Jesus, and he's known for returning from the dead.

Gym machine

This is my worst fear. I don't want to look like an idiot with my arms where my feet are supposed to go. I make fun of those people. I don't want to be that person.

Just joking!

This is too good. Share this with an art history buff in your life!