A new trailer for the live-action remake of Clifford the Big Red Dog has been released and it has left fans on social media seriously divided...

Clifford the Big Red Dog revolves around the one and only giant red dog, who grows to be ten feet tall after being adopted by a middle-schooler from New York. The movie is based on the book of the same name by Norman Bridwell.

The well-known children's book was also adapted into an animated series back in 2000, where Clifford and his owner, Emily Elizabeth, enjoy new adventures as they explore their island home of Birdwell, named after the writer of the original book.

The new film stars Darby Camp and Jack Whitehall and is set to be a heartwarming family favorite.

In the 2-minute teaser trailer for the film, Emily ventures into a peculiar tent in search of a new pet with her uncle Casey, played by British actor and comedian Jack Whitehall.

This is where she meets a tiny red puppy and pleads with her uncle to keep it before asking Mr. Bridwell, played by comedian John Cleese, how big it will get.

He responds: "That depends, doesn't it? On how much you love him."

Emily can then be seen telling Clifford: "I wish you were big and strong and the world couldn't hurt us."

The next morning Clifford has grown triple the size, and now takes up her entire bedroom. Emily and Casey try to take Clifford for a walk around NYC but are met by stares from passers-by. But the magic doesn't stop there.

The trailer has gained a huge reaction on social media, with one Twitter user writing: "You know, some things just aren't meant to translate from animation to live-action and Clifford is one of them."

"I think I'd cry if Clifford was real cause the idea of him walking in public is terrifying," said another, while a third user wrote: "Now why would they make Clifford live action this is terrifying."

But many disagreed with the negative comments, with someone else writing: "I loved watching the Clifford cartoon when I was younger. This movie will bring back some good memories."

"I owe it to my 5 yr. old self to go see this movie," said someone else, with another Tweet reading: "I'm totally in love with the big adorable puppy. I know I'm gonna love this! Can't wait!"

The new movie will also feature other famous faces, such as; Tony Hale, Horatio Sanz, David Alan Grier, and Kenan Thompson.

Sadly, fans still have a while to wait for the new movie, as Clifford the Big Red Dog is set to come to the big screen on December 24th.

But one thing's for sure... it's definitely going to pull on the heartstrings!