CNN's Andrew Kaczynski Mourns Death of Baby Girl Francesca | 22 Words

Andrew Kaczynski has just announced that his baby girl, Francesca, has tragically passed away.

It is the most heartbreaking of news...

And people from all around the world have been sending in their condolences to Kaczynski and his family.

Now, Andrew Kaczynski is best known for being a reporter for CNN...

And back in March of this year, he and his wife, Rachel Louise Ensign, welcomed their first child into the world - baby Francesca.

But in September, just 6 months after Francesca was born, disaster struck.

via: Facebook / Andrew Kaczynski

Francesca, who is nicknamed "Bean" by her mom and dad, was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive brain tumor.

Kaczynski took to Twitter to update his fans on his daughter's progress...

And he asked people to keep him and his family in their prayers during the unbelievably difficult time.

The CNN reporter then shared 2 adorable pictures of Francesca...

Writing, "Francesca is the strongest person and most resilient person. Less than a week ago she had 2 brain surgeries and she's already at home and smiling. I'm confident she will fight this."

The entire world began sending in well wishes for little Francesca...

via: Facebook / Andrew Kaczynski

But despite the rigorous treatment and the 2 brain surgeries the little girl underwent, it simply wasn't enough.

Kaczynski announced the tragic news on Christmas day that Francesca had died at 9 months old.

"We’re heartbroken to have to announce our beautiful daughter Francesca passed away last night in the arms of her mom and dad. There will always be a Bean-sized hole in our hearts for her. We’re so grateful to have known her love. Francesca, we love you," he said in a heartfelt statement.

She passed away in her mom and dad's arms.

"This was the last smile Francesca gave me," the heartbroken father wrote with this picture. "It was on my birthday on November 30th and it was the only thing I wanted that day. Even though she had begun to get seriously sick from her treatment at this point, she still managed to give Dada a small smile. We miss her tremendously."

Kaczynski and his wife thanked their followers for all of the kindness...

And they then asked that all donations in honor of the infant be made to the PMC Winter Cycle charity event, which donates all proceeds to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

And amazingly so...

According to the PMC Winter Cycle page, the event for cancer research has already raised more than $320,000.

Rest in Peace, Francesca.

Our deepest thoughts and condolences go out to Kaczynski and his family during this terrible time.