9 Fascinating and Bizarre Coffee Facts to Share on International Coffee Day | 22 Words

You know it by many names: Coffee, Java, Joe, the "good stuff," or "nectar of the gods." No matter what you call it, coffee usually means something to you. Whether you drink it black, with a little cream and sugar, or you prefer the fancier variety of lattés and cappuccinos, you probably have some sort of relationship with coffee. Maybe you are a Starbucks purist or a Dunkin' aficionado. Maybe you travel around the world, entering as many hip coffee shops as you can, always on the hunt for the best cup of joe you can find.

Maybe you think that coffee is totally gross and you do not understand its appeal. Or, you love it. You love the smell, the taste, everything about the drink, but it does something terrible to your insides so you can't consume it regularly. Whatever your thoughts on coffee, there is no denying that it's become an entire subculture within the United States. And chances are there are some big things you don't know about coffee even though you encounter the stuff almost every day of your life.

If you're anything like George from "George of the Jungle," you'll love this list.

Coffee means a lot to people all over the world. Here are some crazy facts about the hot brown stuff that you may not have known before.

It's a Fruit!

So this means that you can pretty much have as much of it as you want, right? It's totally healthy, right? I thought so.


The word "coffee" has been in the English language since 1582. We have the Dutch, the Turks, and the Arabic language to thank for that! On the other hand, the word "covfefe" entered the English language in 2017.

37 Gallons of Water

Let me repeat this crazy fact for you: It takes 37 gallons of water to make one cup of coffee. Not the most efficient process out there, I suppose. But worth it. Oh so worth it.

Second Most Traded Commodity

I would agree with this fact. Coffee is an extremely important part of many cultures around the world.

One Coffee Plant

This is crazy! I've never thought about the age of a plant. Many of the coffee plants could be older than your grandparents!

Which Bean?

Do you know which type of coffee bean you prefer? Here is a helpful chart that explains the differences between them.

Good for Your Heart

Caffeine is only good for you in moderation, like many other foods. Coffee has a lot of health benefits that we are just realizing.

Tall Plants

Coffee plants aren't as big as the Redwood trees, but 32 feet is pretty tall. That's like putting together four-and-a-half clones of Shaquille O'Neal.

First Freeze-Dried Food

I did not know that coffee was the first freeze-dried food, but that makes sense to me! I wonder if they wanted astronauts to drink coffee in space? Share this with your most coffee-obsessed friend on #InternationalCoffeeDay!