College Basketball Player Cleans up Mess Made by Coaching Staff After Disappointing Road Loss

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Playing against Alabama Crimson Tide on Saturday night, Houston Cougars lost, and it resulted in a little bit of a mess being created by the University coaches of the Houston team.

And, let’s be honest, nobody likes a sore loser, even when it’s a heart breaking score of 83-82.

But, thanks to Jamel Shead, 1 of the Houston players, he made up for his coach’s reaction to his loss.

In the game, Houstons final 2 chances to get the ball in the hoop were rejected when it hit the rim, and when an Alabama player knocked it away from the net…

But, when Houston talked to officials about the misfortune, it didn’t change anything, resulting in the coaches leaving in a bit of a strop. Yikes.

The coaches kicked a chair over and then kicked it numerous times afterward, knocked trash cans over, and walked through the tunnel, leaving a mess everywhere.

Not cool at all, and kind of embarrassing, with other Houston players following their coach’s example.
But 1 player showed his morality hadn’t been dampened, even after the devastating loss, taking 1 for his team, and setting an example for the rest of the world.

Jamal Shead, 1 of Houston’s players, held back and cleaned the mess up, leaving people to share their warm-hearted opinions about his actions.

1 person wrote on Twitter:
“I’m a huge fan of this young man!” while another wrote: “Classy move by Houston guard Jamal Shead.”

And others expressed that the young player was raised right.

And honestly, we have so much respect for him, too.

A petition to have more people like Jamal Shead in this world, please.
What do you think of Jamal? And what do you think of his coach’s actions?