College Student Creates Face Masks for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Our Hearts Are Warm | 22 Words

During this time of doom and gloom, it's refreshing to see something positive for a change.

This week, a college student has been creating face masks for the deaf and hard of hearing and our hearts are well and truly melted.

Keep scrolling to take look at the clever design as well as the huge response she has received...

Right now, face masks are in pretty high demand...

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While they aren't proven to completely protect us from COVID-19, many people are opting to don them nevertheless.

And some have been getting creative and making their own.

Which several deem to be a great alternative for the typical throwaway version.

But there is one huge issue with the design...

They actually make life extremely difficult for the deaf and hard of hearing community.


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They make it impossible to be able to lip-read someone considering the whole of the mouth area is completely covered up.

This makes communicating even harder.

Surely something needs to be done about this, right?

Well, one college student has taken it upon herself to make a difference.

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Twenty-one-year-old Ashley Lawrence, a college senior from Versailles, has created a project designed to help the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Ashley is currently studying education for the deaf and hard of hearing at Eastern Kentucky University.

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But, due to COVID-19, she has had to move back home and continue her student teaching in self-isolation.

So, she has put her isolation stir-craziness to good use.

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And has designed a face mask for the deaf and hard of hearing.

"I felt like there was a huge population that was being looked over."

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"We're all panicking right now and so a lot of people are just not being thought of. So, I felt like it was very important that, even at a time like this, people need to have that communication," Ashley explained.

So, after a conversation with her mom...

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The pair put their craft skills to work.

They began by making the masks out of bed sheets they had.

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"We started out making them with bedsheets that we had, and luckily bed sheets are big. "So we have two or three sets so we're making them out of that."

But, a couple of months ago...

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The mother-daughter duo changed up the design.

They incorporated plastic fabric into the mask.

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"Then, a couple months ago we needed plastic fabric for something. And so we have a whole roll of that and the window is only this big so having a whole roll is very helpful so luckily we haven't needed any supplies yet."

Ashley is going the extra mile...

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"We're trying different things too for people with cochlear implants and hearing aids if they can't wrap around the ears," she explained. "We're making some that have around the head and around the neck."

The plastic window is a key part of the design.

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As it aids those who rely on lip-reading to communicate.

Ashley doesn't charge anything for her masks.

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"I'm not charging anything for them because I think that if you need them, then you need them and I don't think that you should have to pay for them."

In less than 2 days, Ashley has had dozens of orders...

"We are sending them out for free whenever we have people asking for them and if they're foreign, then maybe we'll charge shipping, but other than that they're completely free."

And it seems people have already been expressing their gratitude.

When the news reached social media, reactions were strong to say the least.

She has been flooded with praise.

"Accessibility for the win! Thank you, Ashley!" wrote another user.

She has now set up a GoFundMe to help with the cost of materials and shipping.

So far, she has raised a whopping $3000, at the time of writing. You can find her page here. Craving some more positivity? Well, one guy isn't letting coronavirus ruin his chances at finding love. Keep scrolling for the full story... You won't believe how they went on their real-life date while socially distancing...