A college student has gone viral on TikTok after showing how her male classmates treat her during zoom class.

And people are outraged...

Sadly, we're still living in an age where women are treated subpar compared to their male co-workers.

It's 2020, seriously?

In many stereotypically male-dominated industries, women are rising up...

But that doesn't mean they don't face their fair share of difficulties along the way.

Being treated like an outsider, and struggling to make your voice heard are common problems listed by women in the workplace...

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Whether it’s discrimination or just plain bias, male-dominated industries can pose serious challenges for women.

Research shows that even co-workers who mean well, are guilty of talking down to female employees...

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Despite having the same or even more experience in the sector they work in.

One female student's TikTok has gone viral after she shared what she has to deal with on a daily basis...

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It's unbelievable.

Claire McDonnell is one of 4 women in a class of sixty men...

The twenty-two-year-old is in a graduate science and finance program at the University of Iowa. "Some of us girls have the top standings in the program, and no matter how experienced we are, none of the men seem to take us seriously," McDonnell said.

Earlier this week, as she was on a video call...

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And began recording after her male classmates repeatedly talked over her.

She was only planning one sending the video to one of the other girls on her course...

But after watching it back thought it was a perfect example of "how often this happens to women in a male-dominated field," so decided to post it publicly.

It quickly went viral...

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And it's now been viewed over 2.5 million times!

She captioned the video: "Live footage of a woman in STEM."

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She can be seen trying to discuss her ideas with other members of her group, only to be dismissed or ignored every time by other male classmates.

The irony was that McDonnell had the most knowledge on the subject area as she had worked in that field before.

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But lo and behold, no one seemed to value her opinion.

And the rudeness just kept coming...

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"When I recorded that, it was just funny because I've worked in commercial underwriting for years, and [the assignment] was the same thing I did in that role," she said. "I have the most experience [out of] anyone."

McDonnell said the TikTok outlines the systemic sexism ingrained in the industry as a whole.

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"This happens on a daily basis," she said. "There would be an assignment we [the other STEM women] would help other classmates with, and they would take credit for it. If we present an idea, whether it's theoretical or any type of opinion, it's always like they're very hesitant to believe it."

And that's not all...

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"And if they do believe it, then they take the credit like, I already knew that, and repeat it to other people and claim it as their own."

She even had to deal with this type of behavior from a professor!

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According to McDonnell, the teacher said: "Ladies, do you understand what's going on?" referring to the class material.

And any attention she does get from male classmates is "creepy..."

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With some messaging her to ask her out, while others message commenting on her looks.

And the video clearly hit a chord with everyone, not just the STEM community...

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"THIS HAPPENS WAY TOO OFTEN AND IT'S NOT OKAY!!!!!" one person commented. "This made my skin BOIL," said another. "The way I am seething with rage," another wrote.

Most advised McDonnell to talk over them, or even mute them.

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"Literally keep talking. Do not stutter. Do not pause. Speak as if they aren't saying anything," a top commenter wrote. "Keep talking until they realized they've interrupted you," another person said.

McDonnell didn't expect the video to go viral, but sadly so many women related to her story.

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Although her male classmates are yet to speak up about the viral video... Makes a change.

Or at least none have brought it up.

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"You can't change the way they view women overnight, but stepping back and listening. ... If I have something to say, just listen," she advised any of them who may be reading this article. "And not just listen, but implement what I and other women are saying." "From an outside perspective, you almost have to laugh at how awful it is," she added. "It's a very serious issue that brings to light how many women experience it. It's something that needs to change. Men have to be willing to make those changes."

It's crazy to think this is happening in the world right now...

Let's just hope that this video will make people realize this isn't ok. Keep scrolling for more, including a TikTok that has gone viral for pointing out blatant sexism in school...