The comedian Gary Owen's wife has filed for divorce.

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Gary Owen is one of America's most loved comics.


But he isn't just a stand-up. Owen has also had a lucrative career in all round entertainment.

But where did it all begin?


In the US Navy of all places.

Owen served as a as a Master-At-Arms and was in the Presidential Honor Guard.

But not content with just serving his country, Owen wanted to make them laugh too.

He was voted "Funniest Serviceman in America".

And went on to continue doing stand-up across San Diego.

There, Owen received a huge African American fanbase.

And even won the Funniest Black Comedian in San Diego contest.

This brought him even more attention.

And as a result of winning the contest, he secured a spot at The Comedy Store.

But his career was only just getting started.

And from here his career went from height to height...

He was the only white comic to host Comic View...

And was then voted Black America's Favourite White Comic.

From there, Owen became a well known face across the United States.

And he started to appear in some huge movies too.

Such as Daddy Day Care.

Where he played Mr. Carrot and who doesn't remember that performance?

But that wasn't all...

Owen also starred in films such as Think Like A Man and Ride Along.

However recently there's been some bad news.

And it's about Owen's relationship...

After nearly two decades of marriage, his wife has filed for divorce.

His wife, Kenya Duke, filed divorce docs Friday in Los Angeles County Superior Court according to TMZ.

They got married in 2003.

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And they have two sons and a daughter together.

It appears their children are all grown up now.

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As the divorce papers claim there are no minors involved...

It's currently unknown exactly what led to the split.

However there are numerous rumours circulating on social media.

And a lot of people are genuinely upset about the break.

With hundreds taking to Twitter and Facebook to share their upset about the split.

One person wrote:

I can't believe Gary Owen wife filed for divorce ! Omg

Another said:

This #garyowen divorce is hitting me like they were family....I'm hurt!

We hope that both Kenya and Gary are okay.

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It's certainly a difficult time for both of them right now...