Commonly Believed Myths That Are Actually Totally Bogus | 22 Words
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We all like to think that we know a lot about the world around us. If I learn an interesting new tidbit of information, I love to bust it out at parties and impress everyone with my superior intellect. The only problem with this is that sometimes my sources are completely off, and I end up humiliating myself in front of a large group of people. (I still standby my belief that Twinkies basically last forever. I've eaten some extremely old ones in my day and they tasted fine...mostly.)

With all the misinformation floating around these days, wouldn't it be nice to have a list breaking down what commonly believed myths are actually total bunk? Keep scrolling to find out all the 100% false info that you've been telling your friends and family members for years.

I must admit, #30 is a pretty big relief since it comprises about 90% of my diet.

"The myth that lightning never strikes twice in the same place."

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"In fact, it does - and it could be dangerous to believe otherwise."-Back2Bach

"The Great Wall of China is visible from space."

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"This is false, although China's Air pollution is."-[deleted]

"That microwaves can expose you to dangerous levels of radiation."

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"You will be exposed to many more times that level of radiation on an airplane and be absolutely fine."-PipBoy808

"That you have to wait 24/48/72 hours to report an adult missing."

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"No! Call the police if you think someone has been abducted, lost, or is a danger to themselves or others. There's no waiting period.

For an adult, they may not launch an expansive search as quickly as for a child, but they're not going to put up a timer and tell you to come back."-Tank_Girl_Gritty_235

"That if a doctor knows you're an organ donor, they'll put less effort into saving you."

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"Your doctor doesn't personally know the 6 other random patients out there and simply won't jeopardize the one patient they care for."-essentiallyashihtzu

"Up north, many people seem to believe opening all the windows is going to save your home from a furious tornado."

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"It's not, but they swear by it."-Putrid_Foreskin

"No one has ever actually handed out poisoned Halloween candy."

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"The myth's based on a lot of specific examples - one father poisoned his son and tried to make it appear his candy was poisoned."-Legobrick100

"Vaccines do not, in fact, cause autism."

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"The original 'study' produced by Dr. Andrew Wakefield on the subject has been debunked a million times over as utter horseshit and he is no longer allowed to practice medicine.

I cannot believe that in 2019 this is still a commonly believed myth."-PipBoy808

"When you get a nosebleed, do not tilt your head back and swallow the blood."

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"The blood will enter your stomach and you will vomit a lot. I do not speak from experience. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Sit down and firmly pinch the soft part of your nose, just above your nostrils, for at least 10 minutes.

  2. Lean forward and breathe through your mouth, let blood flow out. This will stop blood from draining into your throat."-SomeRandomCheetah

"That drinking milk when you have a cold thickens your mucus."

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"My kids come from their dad’s house sick and they’re convinced they can’t drink milk or eat yogurt and I’m like...ugh. Our pediatrician has told him more than once he’s wrong."-artemisatchley

"You swallow 8 spiders in your sleep every year."

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"Spiders are searching for food, and unless you have food in your mouth while you’re asleep, spiders won’t be in your mouth."-overactivemango

"Carrots make you see better in the dark."

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"I believe it was a myth made up by the RAF during WW2 to stop the Germans from finding out about their radar."-SlinkyBridge

"Leaving your laptop/smartphone plugged in all the time will not kill the battery faster."

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"There is circuitry inside the device dedicated to keeping the battery happy (BMS, Battery Management System) that will ensure optimal energy transfer and prevent hazardous conditions."-elSenorMaquina

"Cracking your fingers gives you arthritis."

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"Not true at all. A scientist did a study by only cracking the fingers on his left hand for 30+ years and developed no arthritis."-sulley262

"You can sneeze with your eyes open. The pressure of the sneeze won't cause your eye to pop out."

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"Increased pressure from straining builds up in the blood vessels, not the eyes or muscles surrounding the eyes."-spaceiscool111

"If you swallow a piece of gum it'll stay in your stomach for 7 years."

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"It will stay in your system longer, but only about a week or two."-SKYLINE32907

"You will not catch a cold from being wet in cold temperatures."

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"You could eventually die from exposure/hypothermia but it still wouldn’t be from a viral illness."-malfunkshunned

"The 5-second rule."

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"Most have started to believe that if it's been longer than 5 seconds you can't eat it when it takes about 30 seconds for germs to transfer onto the food."-kawaiiandDark

"Cats always land on their feet."

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"I've seen many cats fail at this. It's hilarious when they try to land on their feet, but don't have the recovery time."-InkblotDoggo

"People in Balkans and Russia believe that promaja (wind draft) can kill you."

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"There are times when my house it's so hot and nobody wants to open windows to get some fresh air."-Rebarbative89

"That juice detoxes 'cleanse' your body of toxins."

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"Your liver does that."-superleipoman

"That humans only use 10% of our brains."

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"The brain is the hungriest organ in the body, and if 90% went unused, evolution would have pared it down millennia ago. You use all of it, just not all at once. Every structure in it has a purpose, and at some point during your day it is put to use."-PNW_Doug

"Romans didn't vomit so they could go back and continue to gorge themselves at a feast."

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"The word 'vomitorium' is the name of the passageways in and out of a stadium. Most of us have been in vomitoriums and most likely didn't encounter mass vomiting in them."-Tank_Girl_Gritty_235

"Don’t handle a baby bird because the mother will smell your scent on it and abandon it."

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"A lot of birds hatch without feathers and rely on Mom to keep them warm, so they’re extremely susceptible to exposure. If you can reach the nest from which the baby bird fell, pick it up gently and place it back in the nest.

If you cannot locate the nest, and if the parents don’t seem to be in the area, place the baby in a small box with air holes, place a thick hand towel or washcloth on the bottom, and place the box on a heating pad on a low setting. Do not attempt to feed the baby, you could injure or kill it. Contact a wildlife center immediately for further help.

Oh, and if the baby is hopping around on the ground, has feathers and open eyes, and is otherwise active, let it be. It’s probably a fledgling and Mom and Dad are in the area watching the kid and continuing to take care of it."-Anodracs

"Buddha wasn't fat."

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"It was actually the Chinese in the 10th century who thought so."-PizzaRoll221

"That Einstein was bad in school."

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"He had some problems only with foreign languages, but he was still really good at it."-

"Sleeping with plants in your room will consume all the oxygen in the room and suffocate you."

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"You know what REALLY consumes oxygen? Another person sleeping by your side. Yeah, a freaking 80kg mammal clearly does not suffocate you but that three-leafed magnolia will."-Randankj84

"Beethoven did not cut the legs of his piano."

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"One, this would have ruined the piano, not to mention the functionality of the pedals. Two, you can feel the vibrations by just leaning your head on it as you play. Three, we still have his pianos, and they're all intact."-DragonMeme

"That blood is blue inside your body and turns red when in contact with oxygen."

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"It's always red."-Cyanide_Kitty_101

"That salt is bad for you, more specifically for your heart."

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"The only time that you should avoid salt is if you have a medical condition that increases your blood pressure or gives you water retention.

The myth was based on a study done from a really really tiny amount of people and for a short period of time, though more recently a 20-year long study with a ton of participants on salt has found absolutely no evidence that it's bad for you."-Dibba666