Company Logos Reimagined for Our Current Situation

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It’s hard to imagine that there’s anything positive about spending weeks stuck indoors, but if there is a positive it’s that artists suddenly have lots of time on their hands. Some of the art they’ve created is truly amazing. We’ve found a treasure trove of that amazing art. Jure Tovrljan is a graphic designer who usually spends his time making sleek, clever logos.

These days he’s spending his time doing something different: revamping iconic logos for the current day and age. He’s taken his (considerable) talent for graphic design and his unique thinking and made classic logos into something new. But it’s not just logos. He’s also created a series of TV show posters updated for current times relating to society.

Keep reading to take a look at this amazing idea. Maybe you’ll be inspired to try creating a few of your own. Or you can be like the rest of us and just watch Tiger King.

He can take something simple and create an iconic graphic out of it. Those crumbs are an especially nice touch.

Which basically makes this the coolest logo ever: it’s just a spiral but it’s also the name of the company.

For example in this logo you might just see a mustache and a dot, but when you learn the company is called Mo it becomes a full word. That kind of sideways thinking helped Tovrljan create his reimagined logos.

This logo features an image that is both a kiwi and a diamond. Appropriate for a company called Kiwi Diamond.

But it’s for a company called Qat! It’s a cat that’s a Q! And it’s adorable!

But Jure Tovrljan has opened my eyes. What a letter genius.

Tovrljan has created something unique to this moment in history: classic logos that are just right for today’s society. Like this MasterCard logo, practicing appropriate social distancing.

Like this NBA logo which illustrates what all the players are up to these days: Netflix and chilling.

See how Starbucks mermaid is demonstrating proper mask technique? Be like Starbucks mermaid. Don’t spread germs.

Sure, you could go outside, but just don’t. Just stay at home and don’t do anything. It’s the safest.

Remember the good old days when we drove places and had to get gas to fill our cars? That was exciting.

Do everything online! Go nowhere! Get no gas! These are the rules of the staying-indoors club.

But they are staying a safe 6 feet away from each other, to make sure no one gets infected. Tovrljan may have chosen this logo to do because the Olympics are being postponed.

As lots of us are looking for new jobs we might be spending a lot of time on LinkedIn, which is why it makes sense that it’s feeling a bit more like LockedIn.

These days it’s easy to attack Target as a place where we all go to get infected.

The phrase “good year” is banned for all of 2020. Get back to us in a couple of months and you might have to change to “worst year”.

This is the logo for the US Open tennis tournament. But now everything is closed. Even the open.

The beverage company has two options at this point: completely rename or lean into the weirdness with a logo just like this.

We are all fed up and we would all like to go home. Wait, that’s not right, we all want to leave home.

We’re united in being divided. Or something like that, all we know is that we’re not around other people.

Take a look at the button in the logo: usually it’s a play button, but Tovrljan captured the feeling most of us are having by changing it to pause.

And only on the internet. Do not meet in person. Only internet chats for the foreseeable future.

And Tovrljan also took a leap into redesigning TV posters. Game of Thrones would have a bit of a different feel if they were all stuck indoors.

No Michael this does not need to be a Zoom meeting. No we do not all need cute backgrounds in our Zoom meetings.

How did I meet your mother? By swiping left a lot of times. It is not an interesting story and no one should watch it.

You know the whole Simpsons family would be breaking the social distancing rules. Hilarity would ensure, but someone would probably die.

What kind of shenanigans would Joey get up to if he were alone for a week? You know we’d watch that.

Every house is a prison. None of us are allowed to break. Seriously, don’t even think about it.

Wholesome content is what we all want from Walter White. Nothing is more wholesome than bread.

Few of us have been able to turn this time into something beautiful, but he’s stepped it up. Truly impressive.