Company Makes Masks That Are Identical to Your Pet's Head | 22 Words

If you are a cat owner, this new product from the guys at Mitsui Shindo Masayoshi Planning Office might be something of interest to you…

Have you ever felt as though your cat could do with some feline company but haven’t got the space, time, or energy for another pet? Have you ever wanted to get closer to your feline friend but felt that your imposing human features gazing into those haughty green cat eyes fill it with nothing but dread?

Well, my friend, this Japanese mask-making company have a product that is sure to take the market by storm.

Introducing: the “My Family” range from Mitsui Shindo Masayoshi Planning Office. This mask product will allow you to look just like your favorite feline friend. Aw, yea.

Visually become the parent that your cat always hoped you were...


Now, this isn’t your average PVC, elastic string mask that you pull out at Halloween affairs, the good people at Mitsui Shindo Masayoshi Planning Office make incredibly realistic masks that will amaze both you and your pet.

It all started with the “it’s me" series.


In April 2018, the company brought out a series of realistic animal masks - orangutangs, white rhinoceroses, that kind of thing. As you can see, these masks really make you do a double-take.

Then came the “My Family" series.


On the transition into making masks of the domesticated house pet, the company explained that they decided to “make it fully custom made and reproduce the family’s patterns and habits of your own family," (which, by the way, is a rough translation).

The mask won’t just look like your family pet, it will be made using your pet’s image.


The company only makes custom-made masks. Explaining the process, they say: “the planning, designing, and creating are done by a special modeling artist."

The first house-pet to get the mask modeling treatment was called “Ryi-kun."


Bengali cat, Ryi-kun, living in Kyoto, was the first lucky kitty to become a muse for one of these masks. The success of the mask assured the company that they were on to a winning formula. The likeness to Ryi-kun was unprecedented.

Let the cat meet the mask...


Here we see Ryu-kun, the bengali cat, meeting its human-sized self. The mask bears an uncanny resemblance to the pet!

Here’s what it looks like from the back


As you can see, the back of the mask is fitted with a cloth string, making it easy to put the mask on and to take it off again. Because it’s not completely immersive, you’ll find that the mask is breathable and you won’t get too hot and bothered.

How much does it cost, though?

Obviously, money is (generally) no object when it comes to our feline friends, but there’s always a line...

Maybe cancel that vacation you were planning…

Truth be told, these masks are not cheap. A custom-made pet mask from Masayoshi Shindo Masaki Planning Office costs 300,000 Japanese Yen.

How much is that in US dollars?

Well, I did say that you should consider canceling that vacation… The exchange rate translates the cost of one of these wonderful masks to be $2,756.70. Heck, if there was anything worth trading your car in for a bicycle for, it may well be this. If you’re not a kitty lover, but fancy making a… um… unique purchase, check out these thirty-six wacky products available on Amazon! There’s truly something for everyone on this list.