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Art is subjective. There's no doubt about it; where one person sees a giant squid, another sees the representation of the dichotomy in society based on wealth. But for children's artwork, it usually doesn’t matter - it's not very good, but everyone will pretend it is anyway. The important question is whether we should support them, regardless of how bad their art is, or if we should be more realistic with them?

One company thinks that supporting children through their artistic endevours does matter, so much, in fact, that they turn it into jewelry. We've included our top ten pieces that have been made so far, so take a look and see what you think. You won't believe how they make them!

When was the last time that you drew a picture and put it on the fridge?

Children all over the world think that it's perfectly normal to spend a few minutes, maybe even an hour, making a picture, before it is put up on the fridge to celebrate. Generally, we get better at things (pretty much everything) as we get older. So whatever you draw now surely would be way better than it was when you were a child, so why not get your pencils out and start drawing?

As we get older we gain an increasing number of inhibitions.

The only reason that we wouldn't put our art up now is because we have learned that, actually, it's not very good. We've seen that other people are better at drawing, painting, or whatever it is, and that's made us embarrassed about what we can do. It's not because we get worse, it's because we start caring more about what other people think (and because we learn that we're not as good as we might have thought). One company is doing its best to prevent this from happening.

In fact, the great Pablo Picasso said it himself:

"Every child is born an artist. The trick is to remain an artist." Children love to draw, they love making art, but as we get older, most of us forget that. Of course, Picasso is not someone who struggled with that.

Although some of Picasso's art looks like a child did it...

Okay so Picasso was a genius, but unless you understand art, a lot of it looks very much like a child did it. This one, for instance, called "A man sat down," is supposed to be half human, half animal. A lot of six year olds would come up with something similar if they were given that brief.

Is this a child's self-portrait?

Picasso was a very experimental artist and it can be hard to know what he was going for without someone explaining it to us. For example, this is supposed to be one of a series of paintings that Picasso did that were all based on a famous Spanish painting, called Las Meninas. And, once again, if you asked a young child to do a drawing based on Las Meninas, it may well look very similar to this. But would you wear something like that around your neck?

Can you recognize the scene?

Again, Picasso shows off why he is a world-famous artist with this landscape. This piece of art named, 'Els colomins,' which translates to 'the pigeons,' is a nice picture for a view out of a window. At the same time, it does feel like something that a child would draw if they were really excited about birds...

Some of Picasso's work is very much not done by a child.

In his later years, as Picasso revolutionized twentieth-century art, it can be hard to remember that he was first and foremost, a very good artist. We'd definitely put this picture on our fridges!

Picasso revolutionized art forever.

Picasso said, "I do the impossible, because everyone else does what is possible." There is certainly a sense of that in this image, Guernica, in which he was depicting the horrors of the bombing of the town with the same name. In some ways, it looks like several children put their drawings one on top of another. Picasso certainly seemed to keep his inner child.

This is clearly the kitchen....

Imagine trying to turn this piece of artwork into jewelry. Having said that, the art that they use does look tricky to do... Wait until you see the children on a swing!

Should we celebrate children's art?

Unless it's someone that you're related to, you probably won't be a fan of the artwork. Even if you are related to the kiddo, you're most likely just biased if you think it's any good. Should we encourage kids to think that everything they do is great, even when it's not, or should we try to be honest with them?

Children are rubbish at everything.

Okay, so that sounds harsh. But when children are born, they can't do anything for themselves; they're still growing and learning. This means that kids are pretty poor at most things. They can't walk or talk for a good while, and even when they do learn, they fall over and get words mixed up. So it goes without saying that they are poor at art too.

Should we be impressed when a child can draw a stick person?

The thing is that, as Marjorie Ingell said, children's artwork "symbolizes a wad of cells becoming a sentient artist." Once you start thinking of it that way, everything children do seems pretty impressive! Everything they draw comes from their imagination and they're trying to replicate what they can see. From that point of view, that squiggle that they drew seems alright, actually.

Art is an important way for a child to develop.

Art engages children who might not otherwise be interested in school. It allows them to be creative and see the world differently, which in turn encourages flexible thinking, and improves problem-solving skills. So why do we allow so many children to stop doing art? Why don't we celebrate them more?

Tasarim Takarim Studio will help you turn your child's artwork into jewelry.

Tasarim Takarim is a Turkish company that turns children's drawings into jewelry. So if you are a proud parent, you can send them a picture that your child has drawn, and they will turn it into a necklace, brooch, cuff links, or even ear-rings.

It's a woman-led company.

The founding women behind this company are both moms. Yasemin Erdin Tavukçu is a painter and a children's art educator, while Özgür Karavit is a sculptor and goldsmith. They have formed a team with their two husbands, who are also artists; Ersin Tavukçu is a sculptor and designer, and Erdem Karavit is a painter. That would definitely be an intense setting for a game of Pictionary.

The principal behind the jewelry is fairly simple.

On their website, the artists at Tasarim Takarim say, "We believe that the children drawings are the primal building stone of the children’s creativity. The best way to support their creativity is to love, respect and give importance to their art." If we want our children to continue to believe in themselves, and their own creativity, then we should continue to support their self-expression. Celebrating their artwork is an easy and effective way to do this.

The best bit about the jewelry is a bit of a surprise.

One of the founders, Yasemin Erdin Tavukçu, said that "When kids see the jewelry they become so proud of themselves and feel very happy… they feel so self-confident." It is this feeling that inspired them to create their company. Take a look at the examples we've picked out. Which do you think you would want?

These are quite trendy.

These could easily be the iconic earrings of someone who lives in Brixton or Brooklyn, looking to make a statement. Or they could just be a proud parent wanting to show off their child's drawing of what looks like someone mid-air after jumping on the trampoline.

How cute are these?

These cuff-links are such a beautiful idea. You can take something of your child with you wherever you go, and they are surprisingly tasteful. Wait until you see the necklace made from a child's first footprint!

The love is real.

In case you didn't already know how much love went into this picture and necklace, there is a little heart there to show you! Again, it could be considered a trendy necklace, but it's probably only proud parents who are going to go for this. Or is it? It's hard to tell what's fashionable with hipsters these days.

Maybe you fancy something a bit simpler?

Jewelry featuring a big cat drawn by a four-year-old isn't for everyone, but there are other ways to support your children. A keyring would let you show off their drawings, without wearing it around your neck. Plus, who wouldn't want a key ring with this dinosaur on it? It's a super cool drawing.

A child is creative in ways we find hard to believe.

This piece of jewelry is the perfect example of celebrating a child's creativity. It doesn't matter if they got it wildly wrong when they tried to draw an albatross (unless the antennae are optimistically small wings). The important thing is that that child let their imagination run wild, and was have been congratulated for doing so. Plus it's an awesome necklace!

Nothing is too intricate for our artists.

Tasarim Takarim Studio has somehow managed to capture this child's drawing of themselves losing balance while skating. It looks like if you spun it, it might come to life. How did they manage to create something so intricate? Check out the video at the end of the page to see.

How could you resist making this?

There comes a time in every parent's life when they have to face up to the fact that their child won't be a child forever. They're going to have other people in their lives who are important to them too, and that's a good thing. But this necklace would be a lovely memento from a sweeter time.

The artists' skills know no bounds.

This necklace is such a beautiful mixture of friendship, love and creativity. If a child sees their artwork being commemorated in such a demonstrative way, they are sure to have more self-confidence in their own skills. It's just incredible that artists can bring this drawing to life in such a pretty piece of jewelry.

The jewelry is more than just a way to support a child's art.

Although the principle reason for the jewelry might be to encourage your children, it can also be a really cool accessory. And the best bit about it is that it's completely unique. You will know that no one else in the world has it.

Is there anything more precious than this?

The first days of your child's life are so important and so fleeting. This necklace is the perfect way to make a memento that you can keep as they grow up.

Do you want to find out how they make them?

The levels of intricacy for this jewelry are crazy. They need a very steady hand to make sure that they can create stick figures out of metal. Watch the video to see how they do it!

Each piece is completely unique.

As each picture is unique, they have to use slightly different techniques for each picture. They need to be flexible with their approach, and creative with how they bring it to life. It means that each piece of jewelry really is different.

Would you want one?

Each piece is completely unique, and some of them are truly adorable. But would you want one as a piece jewelry for yourself? Do you think it's important to encourage your children, or do you think that we should ground them in reality and prevent them from having false expectations?