We are all different, but sometimes it is easy to forget that. As the internet continues to expand at a phenomenal rate, we are all sharing knowledge and information in a way has never been done before. It's helping with social development, sharing creative ideas, and improving medical advancement. We never know when a new discovery will spark a change, but, recently, that has happened.

Some facts out there are easier to believe than others, but this one has photo-evidence to prove that it must be true. And it highlights something very interesting.

The internet is full of information that's starting to change the world we live in.

We live in an era of information. Anything we could ever want to know is available at the click of a button. Although it still has some flaws, on the whole, it's a great force for social change. It allows people to start to discover worlds and opportunities beyond their own.

Who needs teachers when we have the internet?

It is also teaching people things that they otherwise may never have known. Whether this is skills that no-one local can teach them, videos that they need in their lives, or random facts that they may have missed. And one Twitter account is doing just that. It is called @UnusualFacts6 and describes itself as providing "the most weird and horrific facts on the internet." And wait until you hear some of their facts.

Unusual Facts is linked to a video page too.

The Unusual Facts website is linked to @UnusualImagery. And this is certainly unusual. Have you ever seen anything like it? This is definitely a case of a bark being worse than its bite...

If this doesn't put your heart in your mouth, you must be inhuman.

Okay, so the guy is a massive show-off, but also, who has the guts to do a jump like that? He must be at least ten meters high, and he's just running as if he was on land. Plus, if he didn't land it right then he's going to have a mighty sore face. Here's hoping he knew what he was doing.

This is the closest call ever.

Skateboarding always looks cool. Riding down a handrail and over steps is an awesome skill. But you would think with that so many people around that someone would have thought to stop the traffic coming through. This guy was a hair's breadth away from being another road safety statistic!

Have you ever seen such a tiny bicycle?

Bicycles used to be huge. The original Penny-Farthing bike had one wheel up with a diameter of up to five feet. But this guy has taken it the opposite way. How is he even managing to cover any ground with such tiny wheels, and how is it successfully bearing his weight? It must be very well made...

There are some Unusual Facts that highlight how little we know about the world.

The world as we know it has been evolving for centuries. As a result, there are a lot of quirks left over from the "good ol' days", when things used to be a bit different. A perfect example is this fact. All swans in England belong to the Queen. Apparently, she mostly allows them to go free and keeps her ownership restricted to her vicinity. But in theory, she could round up all the swans to keep with her in Buckingham Palace.

Some facts provide us with survival skills.

You never know when tragedy may strike and you will need to remember everything you've ever seen to survive. That's where the internet comes in handy. Without facts like this, would you know that you need to find dolphins to protect you if you get lost at sea? You can thank us when this fact saves your life.

Sometimes, the internet provides us with just the excuse we need.

Older people tend to have a habit of disregarding the internet as a place that young people go to waste away their lives. But in some ways, the internet provides us with information that we would just miss if we were still only reading books. For instance, now we know that, rather than admitting we are lazy, we can claim to have dysania.

There are some facts out there that we didn't know we needed.

Sometimes we have thoughts that begin with something along the lines of "I wonder how many…" In the past, this would either be something that you could never know unless you were willing to experiment. But these days, we can just ask the internet. If we know how many licks it takes to reach the centre of a Tootsie roll, there is very little that we can't discover online.

Sometimes, the internet is able to expose previously unknown scandals.

It is through the dissemination of facts and ideas that we are able to create a better world. As more information is shared, we are able to improve upon the way things once were. Plus, people are far more accountable for their actions than they used to be.

And sometimes we are reminded of the best stories.

Although this actually happened in 2012, the rest of it is true. And through the internet, we can enjoy this story over and over again. A tourist freshened up before returning to the tour bus, which meant that no one recognized her when she got back on, so when they thought she hadn’t returned after an hour, the authorities were alerted and a search party began. It was only at 3am, after hours of searching, that a woman in the search party realized that she was the person they were all looking for. What a great story.

Have you ever seen a dog behave like this?

Most dogs struggle to sit, lie, or roll over, but not this dog. Sitting upright and pulling down the bib ready for food certainly puts other dogs to shame. It's stories like this that open up our eyes to how varied the world is, and how much we don't know.

Sometimes the internet provides us with the good news that we've been missing.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of horrible things taking place around the world when we watch the news. But the internet is the place where you can escape that and, instead, find good news that will brighten your day. It is nice to hear a story of humanity amongst our increasingly greedy and bureaucratic world.

Is there any mystery that the internet can't crack?

The chicken and egg question has remained a mystery to most of us throughout time, but once again, the internet has shown us how wrong we were. Genesis says: "Then God said, 'Let the waters abound with an abundance of living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the face of the firmament of the heavens.' So God created great sea creatures and every living thing that moves, with which the waters abounded, according to their kind, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. And God blessed them, saying, 'Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let birds multiply on the earth.'" If the birds were flying around the earth, and then were told to multiply, it looks like we finally have our answer. Most of us wouldn't have come to that conclusion without the internet!

But now we've been shown something that we can't move past...

As we have seen, @UnusualFacts6 has posted some very interesting facts over time (as their name suggests), but it was this post which made the headlines recently. The difference between the two pictures is huge.

Who knew?

Astigmatism affects 30-60% of adults of any age. It is a problem caused by a slightly malformed eye. It is usually the result of a cornea being curved, a bit like a rugby ball, rather than being completely spherical.

What does astigmatism do?

Astigmatism means that light isn't refracted evenly through the cornea, which in turn distorts or blurs vision. For obvious reasons, this distorted vision can cause headaches and eye strain. It can also cause real problem when driving at night time.

Luckily, it is easy to treat.

Often the solution is just to wear glasses or contact lenses to correct the impaired vision. Contact lenses, in particular, provide a wider field of vision. The other option is to have surgery in order to change the shape of the eye.

A lot of people don't realize that they suffer from astigmatism.

If people are short or long-sighted, it usually becomes quite apparent. We've all seen our parents holding a menu at arm's reach in an attempt to be able to read without their glasses. But astigmatism is more subtle. A lot of people just think that is how life is.

It was this Unusual Fact that kick-started a lot of people's existential crises.

Usually, we accept that the version of life that we see is reality at its most sincere. We might question people's actions or motives, and we might hear conspiracy stories that make us wonder about the world, but there's a reason why people say "seeing is believing." But the two pictures of vision side by side are a perfect example of how everything is subjective.

We are all unique.

Everyone is different. It is impossible to know what other people are experiencing and how similar or different that experience is to your own. On the other hand, it seems like these pictures have brought people together as they realize that they suffer from astigmatism.

Some people really need to get themselves to the eye-doctor.

With the revelation that people suffer from astigmatism, it is clear that people need to get their eyes checked more often. But one Twitter-user seems to have really poor vision. Let's hope that's how they see the world if they take off their glasses... but they should probably avoid driving at night too, just in case.

It's starting to challenge a lot of views.

As globalization leads the world to becoming increasingly homogenous, it is easy to imagine that we all understand and experience the world in the same way. This Twitter-user hit the nail on the head when they realized that people have different reactions because they actually see things differently.

Some people are sceptical.

As always with revelations like this, some people don't believe what they are seeing. It's fair enough if the problem is that it doesn't represent astigmatism, but criticizing a dirty lens is missing the point somewhat... We don't think that anybody is claiming that the photo was taken through an eye that has astigmatism. Rather, they were trying to demonstrate the difference.

People were ready to set them straight.

Why would anyone criticize this image if they don't have astigmatism and don't know what it is like? At least people were ready to stand up for their misshapen eyes and explain that, actually, this photo is an accurate depiction of how they see the world.

Unusual Facts isn't the only source of interesting facts.

The UK TV show QI, previously hosted by Stephen Fry and now by Sandi Toksvig, is known for explaining away myths and discussing random questions. But it is the team who find the facts for the show that has recently started getting more attention. They have their own podcast called 'No Such Thing as a Fish,' and they come up with some seriously crazy facts.

Have you ever heard of a person being declared an inanimate object?

That's what happened to this man. Imagine swimming so far that you no longer fall into the category of human. He's lucky that the other ships didn't treat him like that too, or he really would have become an inanimate object.

This is what the internet is all about.

Some facts are just too crazy to ever discover on our own. We need the internet to reveal them to us. Can you imagine an official body, funded by tax money, actually having to take time out of their real tasks to check something like this? Sometimes life really is stranger than fiction.

The internet can help to bring us together.

The internet is a minefield of useless garbage, but it is also a source of immense knowledge. Seemingly innocuous posts can have a huge impact on people's lives around the world. It is no longer contained merely in our local vicinity. It is through posts such as this one that people are able to learn more about the world that they live in and start to make the most of their lives.