Ridiculous Overheard Conversations That You Won’t Believe Are Real

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I know hating on hipsters is like, so overdone, but sometimes, it is just too priceless to not. This gallery is full of gold that is too good not to share. @OverheardLA and @OverheardNewYork are Instagram accounts that collect the hilarious and random conversations that people overhear in these two coastal towns that happen to be chock full of ridiculous people. Seriously, some of these overheard conversations are so silly that you will have a hard time believing that they are real.

But they are– there really are people who talk like this. My gut says that they exist everywhere, but they are in special abundance in New York and Los Angeles, true homes of the hipster. These hilarious exchanges will make you laugh, cry, and groan your way to Sunday. And they might make you want to move to New York or LA so you can overhear a conversation like this for real. The entertainment value is unparalleled.

Get ready to be genuinely appalled!

This is how people talk to each other? Yes, yes it is.


Ok, whoever said this is a real philosopher for our time and should be given a book deal or something. This is genius.


This is the eternal struggle. But also, don’t talk to rugs.

Timing is everything

This is a person after my own heart. Super early for everything, and soup before flights. This honestly might have been me.

Van Nuys

Van Nuys and Venice are two very different places that are both pronounced very differently. This is so funny.

Dog park

Dog park people are insane. People who go to the dog park even though they don’t have a dog should be put away.

The nexus

This is it. This is the most hipster sentence ever uttered.


Oh my goodness, I do this all the time. “Well, I’m leaving for a day trip in three weeks, so I probably shouldn’t buy all that food now. Guess it’s pizza tonight.”


This is perfect. You think that this couldn’t possibly be real, but the caption explains the exact grocery store in which it was overheard.

Daylight Saving

I mean, this is better than becoming a person who wears sunglasses in the dark all the time.

Christmas tree

Honestly, succulents are super hipster– but this isn’t a terrible idea. They will last so much longer than a Christmas tree!


I mean, is she wrong, though? Just kidding, I literally know nothing about astrology and I don’t want to know.

Salmon on a bagel

The prices for lox on a bagel are outrageous these days, but also this was overheard at Russ & Daughters, so I feel like it might be life-changing salmon.

Trick or treat

Um, I think I’m going to use this exact tactic from now on when I trick-or-treat at homes. Just be like “I love the cheese plate!” until they cave and give me all the cheese they have.

No tapas

You know, there aren’t many excuses I would accept for someone bailing on our tapas plans, and being subpoenaed is one of them! Come on, man! Stop doing crimes!

Legal guardian

Yeah? And adolescence doesn’t end until like, your mid-30s these days.

Life on Instagram

The life we curate on social media is straight-up lies, people! Stop comparing yourself to others.


So many people I know now start conversations with, “So I was listening to this podcast…” Honestly, I don’t have to listen to podcasts because I hear all about them from the people who’ve listened to them.


I bet this happened after a conversation about that scene in Crazy Rich Asians! You know the one! (It’s the one where they play Mahjong.)

Instagram name

Who has a completely different name on Instagram? And who uses it to make dinner reservations? I have so many questions about this.

Warm vacation

Showers are sort of like warm vacations! Warm, wet, 15-minute vacations. That counts.

Colombian coffee

Sir, you’re at Dunkin’ Donuts. We only have hot coffee, cold coffee, or frozen ice cream we put in a cup and tell you is a coffee drink.

Be the bread

Um, who’s to say that the wall at Le Pain isn’t my own, personal Bible? I’m really offended by this.


Hilarious. And no, the lighting is too dim to take a picture that is worthy of Instagram.

R as in arbitrary

You can’t write lines this perfect! You can’t arbitrarily decide which words start with R. Amazing.


Have you been to Hollywood, though? This is a legitimate question.

Yoga pants

It starts out hipster and then just when you think you’ve reached the peak, it gets better. This exchange is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Four friends

This is a legitimate question. This really seems like a lie.

Black Friday

Well, that’s lame. I was hoping to run over some old ladies for some Ben and Jerry’s pints. Not that I don’t do that on a regular basis already.

“Mostly memes”

Wow, well, this one really cut to the core. Share this with someone who needs a good chuckle!