Confused Golden Retriever Wags Tail as Owners Abandon It in Park

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This is the heartbreaking story a dog was dumped by his owners at a park.

The saddest thing about the entire thing is that the poor doggo has absolutely no idea what is happening – and wags his tail as he is abandoned.

The shocking moment was caught on camera.

Keep scrolling to watch the footage for yourself.

Whether they’re causing mischief, giving us those puppy eyes when they want a treat, or taking up the whole sofa, many of us couldn’t live without our furry friends.

There’s one thing it seems we can all agree on – our canine pals are too good for this world.

Once you’re a dog parent, it’s hard to imagine a life without having a pooch to come home to.

Admit it, all of us pestered our parents for a pet dog at some point during our childhoods… or adulthoods…

And that’s fair enough. But what isn’t fair enough is when people neglect and abuse dogs, or any animal, for that matter.

Shockingly, about seventy million stray animals are living in the U.S. alone – proving that alarming numbers of people think it’s acceptable to dump or abandon their pets.

But of course, there is hope.

Many of these animals are rescued so they can be adopted and find their forever homes.

And for someone to care for them.

And here we are again – with yet another heartbreaking story of a pooch who was abandoned alone.

And could be seen wagging its little tail as its owners walked the golden retriever towards woodland before running back to the car.

And it is currently in the care of I Paw’d It Forward in Portland – who also shared the video and story. Here you can watch the video of the pooch being rescued too!

And posted a large rant on Facebook, addressing just how bad it is to abandon your pets.

Writing about the ordeal, I Paw’d It Forward said:
Before you start reading, I would like to update everyone on the status of this case. We believe we have identified the owner. Through the incredible tips we have received, we are pretty confident we have identified her. We have provided her information to Law Enforcement/Animal Control and they will be following up on this. We will not be sharing her information at this time.

Everyone that called in tips, that tried to make out the plate, that spent hours reviewing the video to put things together. Thank you to Alyssa and Brandon for not standing by and letting this play out. Thank you to them for stepping up for this pup, for being his voice.

We cannot provide additional details, yet. We need to let the enforcement agencies do their job. Please don’t be involved in muddying the waters. Let us let them work.

They are still here. They are still waiting. They are still searching for you to return. They are confused. They do not understand why the humans they devoted their lives to, have disappeared.

None. There are a bunch of excuses, but no reasons. There are a whole slew of options available if you decide your dog is not for you, or your life has changed, or whatever you have convinced yourself is what you need.

Instead of dumping your dog somewhere, offer him/her the same courtesy you offered him when you adopted him. If you need to rehome him, ok. But be patient. Find the right home. Reach out to the rescues in your area. Contact the Humane Society and schedule a surrender. If they say you need to wait your turn and it could be 2-3 weeks, wait. Do right by them.

They can only do what we have taught them. They only know what we teach them. They only know how to love us. They don’t know how to give up. They don’t know how life changes effect us past how much more they need to love you. Give them the courtesy they have given you. If you can’t keep your animal for whatever your reason, ok. But be humane. Be compassionate. Show them love in transition. They did not ask you to adopt them, that was YOUR decision.

Never abandon an animal. Ever. It’s just about the cruelest thing you could ever do.