Mom Confused After Finding Hundreds of Tiny Black Balls Inside Her Kids' Playhouse | 22 Words

A mom from Australia has been left baffled after finding something bizarre in her kids' playhouse.

It's safe to say, there were a lot of reactions from fellow parents...

Now, being a mom can be stressful.

It's a traditional part of new parenthood - you freak out over anything that your child does that's slightly out of the ordinary. Which is pretty understandable; you've just been lumbered with the overwhelming responsibility of keeping a small child alive.

No biggie.

You will over-analyze their every move.

Did they just walk with a limp? Did they just cough in a different way to last time? Are they blinking weird?! The questions and the panics will be endless.

And the doctor's room will become your second home.

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You'll hate to admit it, but you'll become a low-key regular at your doctor's. Chances are, you're not a qualified doctor, so you will obviously drag your child in every other day for a quick, but very necessary, check-up.

On top of that, making sure their play areas are kept safe and clean is extra stressful...

Because there's always going to be something lying around where it shouldn't be.

​But one mom's discovery might be the strangest yet...

The mom from Australia has been left baffled by "creepy black balls" which turned up in her kids' playhouse...

And people everywhere have been trying to figure out what they are...


The woman went online to ask bug-lovers what they thought about the "thousands" of black balls, worrying they might be eggs.


"Please don't say they are termites," she said.

But no one could figure out what they were...

"It's an odd suggestion and probably wrong, but they look like poppy seeds to me, I used to pick them off my muffins and bread when I was a kid Because I thought it was always fly poo," one man said.

While another said it was "too shiny" to be faeces.

Luckily, a pest controller chimed in to confirm they weren't termites, and that they don't appear to be from an insect...


"Looks like a filler from a kids toy? Something weighted," he said.

The mom was relieved, to say the least...

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"We had the cubby shipped down from Queensland. I was terrified it came with termites," she said.

Others suggested it could be pokeweed seed hoarded by a mouse and shared pictures that looked similar.

Allison Long

Whatever it is, I think it's time to move!

What do you think?

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