People Are Having a Hard Time Understanding Instagram Model’s ‘Bizarre’ Photo

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We are truly living in the Kardashian era and with more and more people trying to attain a very voluptuous body, it seems as though some may be taking things too far.

One Instagram model posted a bizarre photograph that has us all very confused. Wait until you see this one, ladies and gentlemen…

When it comes to a woman’s body type, all shapes and sizes should be embraced and celebrated as each is unique and beautiful. But, in recent times, the curvier woman has been stepping into the spotlight…

Curvy is beautiful.

More and more people are pushing aside body-shaming and are learning to love themselves just the way they are. Instagram is the biggest platform when it comes to body image, and there are now more and more accounts dedicated to a healthy and positive body image, such as British models, Iskra Lawrence’s, Instagram.

And social media certainly isn’t a factor that helps people embrace their natural selves, especially younger and more impressionable people.

Thankfully we’re trying to move past those toxic beauty standards but have we just replaced it with a new one?

The Kardashian family are the rulers of Instagram and their lavish lifestyles and impossibly perfect figures dominate our screens daily. But they are no strangers to photoshop mishaps in an attempt to enhance their already unrealistic bodies and curves.

Kylie Jenner is now well known for her enhanced look…

It’s no secret that the young billionaire has had work done – take her infamous lip fillers, for example. But, despite Kylie denying having any more surgery, it’s pretty obvious that work has been done to enhance her noticeably curvier body that mimics that of her sister, Kim.

Instagram is now obsessed with having big bums, and it’s clear that it has stemmed from these unrealistic images posted by the Kardashian clan suggesting to us that this is how a beautiful woman should look.

But it’s easier said than done.

And it isn’t okay that people are now thinking that they have to look like a Kardashian in order to be beautiful… because this certainly isn’t the case.

Some people have taken things way too far in trying to achieve their desired body shape.

And many have absolutely no regards for their own health and wellbeing when it comes to looking “perfect.”

Gina Savage, an ambassador for the brand Fashion Nova, has recently left the internet contemplating what they were seeing when she posted a very bizarre snap.

But the promotional intention of the post was soon forgotten when fans started noticing something completely off about the model’s behind.

Keep scrolling to see the full post.

Me neither.

Maybe it’s the angle?

Oh yikes…

But I guess whatever floats her boat.

When you see the post, you’ll probably understand.

But that pose is just a big no.

It’s a very strange one.