Recently, the Bidens went to see the Carters out in Georgia, but one photo from their visit has stolen the spotlight...

And it may just be one of the most confusing illusions we've ever seen.

The snapshot was posted by the Carters' charity account, The Carter Center, and immediately, confused comments rolled in.

From discussing lenses to breaking down proportions of the picture, no topic was off-limits...

The photograph shows the Bidens kneeling beside the Carters but from a very strange perspective.


​The distortion makes both Joe and Jill look twice the size of Jimmy and Rosalynn. ​But the wild thing is that Jimmy's feet look weirdly large compared to the rest of his body, so what does that mean?

If we look at the facts, Joe is only 5 cm taller than Jimmy.


And Jill is shorter than them both, so it wouldn't make sense for her to tower over the former president like that.

Some people blamed the use of a "wide-lens..."

While others suggested the obvious: Maybe the Carters had just shrunk due to old age?

I think I'll put my money on the former.

After all the questions and confusion, it would only make sense to provide some possible answers delivered to use from photography experts, right?

Don't worry, we got you.

According to The Guardian, you don't need special effects or an expensive camera to create such an illusion - a regular iPhone will do.


"The image is possibly distorted by using a wide-angle lens," they reported. "When taking photos in a smaller space you often don't have room to move far enough back to get everyone in the frame, so you use a lens that can take it all in."

They continued:


"Unfortunately, if you use a lens that is really wide, while also standing very close to the subjects, it will distort the photo, making those close to the camera appear giant while shrinking those further away."

​And if you're looking to do the opposite, you use a "zoom-in lens."

This makes the subjects of the photo look closer together.

​And here are a few tips if you're looking to re-create a snapshot like this...


You don't need anything special to create this level of trickery. If you have an iPhone 11 or 12 you can just implement the wide-angle setting in the camera on the phone to capture a wider view.

But if you do happen to have a professional camera, then you can crank it up a notch.

If you use a lens with a focal length of approximately 10-15mm, you can achieve an even more dramatic outcome, with the subject of your photo completely looming over whoever else is in the shot. Pretty cool, right?

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go try it out.

Here's the picture for reference.

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