You might want to keep a bib nearby because these pictures might make your eyes fall out of your head and just dangle from your body, ruining your shirt with their eye gunk.

OK that was really gross, and I apologize.

But at the very least, these 29 pictures taken from crazy perspectives, will make you do a double take. They'll make your brain explode. You might not know what you're looking at.

2D building

That building can't really be flat like that, can it? This is so trippy, man!

Newspaper kitchen

How...how do they do this? The ads in this newspaper look like a room with a kitchen counter. It's amazing.

Giant giraffe

Either that's an insanely huge giraffe, a teeny tiny plane, or there's some perspective being played with here. I guess it's the last one, but it would be so cool if it were the first.

Popcorn rocks

from pics
On this beach in the Canary Islands, the rocks look just like popcorn! I wonder if they feel like popcorn when you're walking all over them.


Contrary to what this looks like, that's not actually a dog mounted on a wall. He's just really good at hiding his body under him.


Is it just me or does P!nk have three legs?! Secret's out, P!nk! Now I know how you do your amazing shows!

Where did those come from?

We are in uncharted territory, people. Sometimes windows just appear out of nowhere. What will we see when we look through them? Other worlds? Or maybe they're just reflections from the window through which the picture was taken. It's either that or the alternate worlds thing.

Coming next summer...

I am definitely looking forward to Marvel's first half-human, half-dog superhero movie. The tagline's pretty good too: "Sometimes, being a hero isn't enough. Sometimes, you have to also be... a good boy."

Wait. What is he sitting on?

This is one of those pictures that make me so glad I understand Photoshop well enough to find the "Rotate Image Clockwise" function. Truly a life-saver here.

The flat-earthers were right!

A lot of these images take a minute to understand, but usually I'm able to figure out what's actually going on after a few minutes. This one, though? This one is messing me up. I guess the only logical answer is that the earth is, in fact, flat. Guess I owe my cousin an apology for everything I said on his many, many Facebook posts.

"This car is mine. I will not be stopped."

This giant woman has come for the Pro-4X, and there is nothing that can be done about it. We are at her giant mercy. Oh wait, it's just a normal-sized girl hanging off the side of the truck. Oh well, she can still have it, I'm not going to stop her.


This is another example of a lot of things having to go right for a picture to come out lookin' this bizarre. Like, those trees in the background just so happen to be growing next to trees almost their same height so it looks like they have a reflection? Truly wild.

The only constant is change.

I did not know that, beneath every building is a slightly smaller, much newer building. But here we are, finding that out as one building is torn away, leaving a new building in its wake. It's like a Russian nesting doll of buildings.

"The experiment went wrong!"

Listen, everyone goes through tough times financially, but this is the number one reason why you should never sign up for a clinical trial on the Island of Dr. Moreau, even if they are offering 400 dollars and a free lunch catered by Chipotle.

Split right down the middle.

It looks like two images were Photoshopped together, doesn't it? But now, this is one room, half-decorated in a minimalist style, half-decorated in a three-year-old-left-alone-with-a-pack-of-markers style (which is so hot right now).

Keep it clean.

Another image that took me a minute to understand, this is an important reminder to a) wash your hands, and b) learn how to draw in perspective with sidewalk chalk.

You can't skip leg day.

Honest to god, any other background color and these jeans would look fly as hell. But now, they make it look like a deformed crow is trying to wear people clothes.

Great, now my bones will be used to make bread.

The worst thing someone could do is photoshop out those swing lines and make it look like an honest-to-goodness giant was shambling towards us.

Look at those teeny tiny little men!

Honestly, I have a fear of giants (both the fairy tale-like "top of the beanstalk"-style giants and Attack of the 50 Foot Woman-like "regular people who are very big"-style giants. And these pictures are messing me up!

Who designed this?

This highway looks like someone inflated a giant balloon underneath it. Wait, did someone inflate a giant balloon underneath it? That would explain a lot.

There's a coffee table there, if you look close enough.

Did that coffee table — which has exactly the same pattern as the floor — come with the house? Or was the homeowner just at a Goodwill one day and saw his floor, now in table form, and realize he just had to have it?

All the ones with heads are so cute!

Sure, every litter has its runt, but usually, they at least have all the same body parts as the rest of the pups, don't they?

His foot is, somehow, two feet long.

Much like the time Sandman and Venom teamed up to take down Spider-Man, this man's right foot has joined forces with his left foot to form the all-powerful uber-foot. It is the only foot strong enough to kick Spider-Man.

Behold, the Omega Cat.

As the prophecies foretold, all other cats will be consumed by the Omega Cat, once they are purged of sin. Oh, that's just a normal cat under a blanket? Huh. Well, the other cats should still consider getting purged of sin on the off chance the prophesy ends up coming true later.

What exactly did they throw away?

It looks like this trash bin can float, but it's just a combination of the bin's placement and a perfectly-placed puddle. And even if it was floating, I'd be more annoyed than amazed. I can think of at least four household objects I'd rather have the ability to float — the first being my microwave so I could have some ever-lovin' counter space!

Are we looking at a dog or a turtle?

Maybe both? It's not impossible to believe that a dog-turtle hybrid that could put its head entirely inside its own body escaped from the Island of Dr. Moreau. They have them there! I saw one once while I was eating Chipotle!

What kind of wood, exactly?

It takes a real perplexing optical illusion to pull focus in this picture, but this "is it a coffee table or is it the floor" corner does just that.

Where does it stop? No one knows?

On the TV program Doctor Who, the titular Doctor has a spaceship called a Tardis, which is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. Anyways, it's great to finally see the picture that inspired that idea.

Science has gone too far.

I've said it before and I'll say it again — cats should have four paws. No more, no less.

Aww, how disturbing!

What's really cool about this picture is that that "baby" is actually 68 years old, and is right in the middle of stealing the youth from this little girl. How cool is it that someone snapped a picture as it was happening?!

Do you ever feel lonely even when you're surrounded by people?

This bird got trapped between two mirrors and is probably pretty freaked out. To be fair to the bird, though, it did just watch Us the night before. You'd be freaked out too.

A real balancing act.

Look at this tiny cow walking along the fence! Not only is it unusually tiny, it's also unusually balanced. This tiny cow must've been doing yoga for quite a while. I know tree pose is how I improved my balance.

... Yyyyyum?

Okay, yes, it looks like this bun-treat-thing is floating. But also? What is this thing? That's what's got me losing my mind. I ain't never seen a Hostess that looked like this. It's like the future's worst pastry feel through a time rift to today.

Forest of green

Sure, that could be a dense jungle. But it's not. It's kale.

Chair illusion

This is an optical illusion come to life. What what WHAT is happening with those chair legs?


It's hard to tell what it is at first, but it's a camera shot from the forest floor up into the tree canopy.

Long arm

Everyone made fun of Maddy's super long left arm, that is until the day she smacked Alex the bully upside the head from across the room. The next one is a nightmare come true.

King cat

from funny
What it is is a normal cat under a blanket that looks exactly like its fur. What it looks like is my nightmare.


Long cow. More like a coooooooooooooooooow.

Getting ahead

To hold up the magnifying glass and then snap a picture like that takes some real skill.


I know it doesn't look like it, but that courtyard isn't actually sloped at all. It's just got some weird angles going on.

For three!

You know, for a statue that has never moved ever, he's got a pretty good shot. The next one looks like something out of Willy Wonka.

Nurse hat

Although it very much looks like it, this nurse isn't actually wearing a pointy hat. I regret to inform you that she is just a nurse and not a fairy godmother.

Kangaroo cleaner

It very much looks like this kangaroo is helping to rake the yard, but all they do is hop, which makes me think this is not the chore for them.

Bye bye hand

At what point does he put his hand inside his shirt?! This one still boggles my mind. I have not figured it out.

Legs for days

It's really weird and will take you a minute to figure out what's going on with their legs here.

Baby boars

from Eyebleach
No, these are not some species of tiny pygmy boars. I think that's just not a sidewalk curb like I thought it was originally. The next one might make you believe in mythical creatures.

Centaur in the kitchen

Somehow I thought centaurs would be more...majestic? If I were a centaur, I would be like, running through a field. Not cutting peppers.


At first glance, this just looks like a regular old photo of a tree line. But if you look closely, it's actually a photo of a reflection in a pond.

Four ears

OK but they should make dogs like this because how cute and ridiculous is this pup?!


This giant, deep cave? Yeah, it's actually the inside of a cello.

Some perspective

If you went to Pisa and didn't take this photo, did you go to Pisa?

Levitating man

This is some David Blaine level stuff, only this guy looks much less annoying than David Blaine.

Two-headed rhino

This isn't really a two-headed rhino, but it sure looks like it. That would be quite the creature.


It really looks like this candle is lit, but look for just one more second and you'll see that it's just a well-placed reflection in the glass.

Cruise control

It really does look like this giant boat is just barreling down a city street. Perspective is a crazy thing!

Tiny hands or huge glass

Seriously, this is a question for the ages. I don't understand what's going on in this photo. If you know, please tell me.

Bodyless cat

It really looks like this is just the head and front legs of a cat and that his body is like, sunken into the mattress or something.

Cloud hand

This looks just like the end of The Cabin in the Woods where the giant hand of the Gods comes down to destroy the entire world.

Old man

The way this baby is lined up with the man holding him makes it look like this small child has the profile of an elderly person, and it is very funny to me. Share this with someone you'd like to confuse the heck out of!

Ice cream cone

It took me several moments of intense concentration to realize that this was not, in fact, a delicious frozen dessert but instead, the back of a man's head. Who else is seriously craving some soft serve right now?

Hungry lizard

Oh, the humanity! It turns out, this is not actually a photo of a white lizard swallowing another lizard whole, but merely a run-of-the-mill skin-shedding. Much less exciting, I know.

An adorable sunburn

Oof! That's a nasty burn you got there! ...a sunburn that won't stop talking about crackers...

Charging the dog

This dog has clearly been running on one bar for a while. Charge your dogs regularly, people. It's called being a responsible pet owner.

"Cat" iron skillet

Wait, why did that burn mark just "meow"? And why are you putting your cast iron pan on your bed in the first place?! I have so many questions...

Nifty elevator

Woah, that's one futuristic elevator system! Oh wait, that's just some guy in a grocery store fridge. ....I feel like a fool.

Stylish heels

That guy is rocking those heels! Or...is she rocking them? And he's sitting? Or is she sitting? And he's leaning over? Excuse me for a minute while I take something for this headache...

A terrible friend

Speaking of headaches... This poor man. He's taking it like a champ, though.

The tallest tram

I got very excited at first thinking this was a photo of a real-life Night Bus from Harry Potter, but, alas, it's just an ordinary tram blending into the building behind it. Magic is DEAD.

French fry cosplay

I can totally see how this person thought this was a photo of two people wearing French fry costumes, but I was too distracted by the idea that a French fry-crusted corndog is a thing that exists to see that. Where do I procure such a thing?!

Just one photo

Believe it or not, there was zero Photoshop used to create this photo. Don't believe me? Fine. Go ahead and keep living in that fantasy world of yours.


Sure, it looks like this woman has three legs, but we all know that she's just sitting next to someone who's wearing the exact same pants and shoes as she is. But what kind of a crazy coincidence is that? Or did they plan it out before leaving the house?? That's the real mystery!

What a cute pup!

This one took me several minutes of staring/yelling at my computer screen to figure out, but when I finally did, I could never un-see it again.

Supportive sun

No, the sun isn't actually giving this officer a shoulder massage, but it's a sweet image nonetheless. We could all use a quick shoulder rub from a pal every now and then.


This just looks uncomfortable. Also, that dog looks extremely buff, which makes it all the more unsettling.

3D blanket

This is truly amazing. Not only does this blanket keep you warm at night, but it also provides a ton of additional bedroom storage!

Tiny woman

Aw, look! They're both taking their little buddies along for the trip! I wonder if this means they didn't have to buy that little lady a ticket?

Half of Dad

Hey, half of a Dad is better than no Dad at all. These kids should be counting their blessings.

Revolving tower

My brain simply will not accept the fact that this tower is not revolving. And the more I look at it, the more it looks like it's moving. What type of sorcery is this?!

Beautiful view

This is a great alternative to an expensive flight if you're strapped for cash. It'll only cost you a tub of laundry detergent!

World's longest arm

So this is what happened to Stretch Armstrong. It looks like he's fallen on tough times and resorted to pickpocketing.

Tricky paint job

Sure, it looks cool, but what about the rest of the room?! Is it just me, or is this interior painter trying to pull a fast one by only doing half of his job?

The Invisible Man

Who wouldn't want socks that have the exact same pattern as the filthy, disgusting subway floor?

Muppet lady

I'm not the only one who thinks that this looks like Oscar the Grouch's elderly mother, right? Maybe with a dash of Cookie Monster thrown in for good measure?

Oh, dear

What an unflattering angle. I never expected a photo of a cat would make me hungry, but here we are.

Nausea-inducing carpeting

I find it difficult to walk down an ordinary hallway without tripping. Let's hope this hotel has good liability insurance.

Drew Brees' bubble butt

Just imagine the number the squats he had to do to achieve those impressive glutes. They don't call him "Bubble Butt Brees" for nothing! (They don't actually call him that.)

Taking a "break"

The footrests on the bottom really look like his pants are bunched around his ankles. He probably makes those exact same facial expressions when he's on the toilet, too.

Baby head

Yes, there is actually supposed to be a towel on her head, but my brain refuses to see it. If you look at it for long enough, it's actually pretty cute. This is exactly what my 10-month-old son looks like after his bath.

Stop it

The amount of cleverness that went into this design enrages me, and I can't quite figure out why.

Poor Mitch

They called him 'Skinny Arm Mitch', and the kids at camp teased him mercilessly. As you can tell by the look on his face, he never fully recovered.

Coming in for a landing!

Thank goodness those helpful giants were there to catch him before he totally wiped out!

Cutest painting ever

This adorable optical allusion has only further fueled my lifelong dream of one day owning a ferret. Well, I'm an adult now, and can finally do what I want! Take that, Mom!

Upside down dog or dragon?

Am I crazy, or does this look exactly like Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon? And yes, I am an adult who still watches movies made for children. What of it?

Their eyes are all clearly visible

I don't know what's more disturbing: How unintentionally dirty this photo looks or the weird way this person tried to block out all of their eyes.

We're all doomed

Well, alligators can fly now, so we're all totally screwed. Goodbye, everyone. It's been nice knowing you.