Things are not always what they seem. In the Reddit community Confusing Perspectives, Redditors from all over have submitted their most confusing photos.

Sometimes, the pictures are accidentally sexual, sometimes they're funny, but they're almost always confusing.

When in doubt, move your computer around to shift your own perspective!

Keep reading to see some of the most confusing photos on the internet.

This is what the 80s were like.

Unclear if it's cooler as a photo of cassette tapes or of buses. One has to ask where all of these buses are going.

Honey, I shrunk half of the dog.

That pillow is straight up freaky. Maybe the dog was trying to scare the family into getting rid of the pillow.

Two girls, one lower body.

At first glance, it appears that the girl has a head way larger than would fit on her body. But, still, those are doll legs.

The 80s were so bad, even this camera wouldn't record it.

How are the pants the exact shade of the river? Why are his legs spread so far apart? Why does he have that mustache?

Tilt your computer.

Maybe The Lion King was an elaborate visual prank and we all cried for no reason. This must have taken like 30 tries to get this perfect.

Dearly Beloved, we are gathered at this fountain.

That water dress is legit pretty. It looks like Cinderella's wedding dress at the end of the movie when the shoe fits.

This took too many tries to figure out.

The top of the pole is capped with a white dome. But, it's a cat, so truly anything's possible.

Amazing what a little shift can change.

Tilt your computer 45 degrees to the right, to the right. It's surprising more cars don't slide downhill in San Francisco. So curious about the bl

This man's foot has an opposable thumb.

It's his hand placed over his foot. Still, surprising flexibility.

If this was real, it would be infinitely 'grammable.

This person needs to clean off their motherboard. Does it even still work with years of grime on it?

This thing requires many minutes of study to get less confusing.

If you read the comments, it becomes clear that the perspective is staring straight down. The bars on the left are platforms of a winding staircase.

Robert Downey Jr's dog in the lower right is having the time of his life.

This one is more of a: "Oh yeah, I get the joke," than trying to unsee a crazy perspective. Not so much confusing as funny.

These bald dudes are squad goals in Regina George's car.

Seeing the car seats as bald dudes is reminiscent of The Matrix, where the agents all looked exactly the same and traveled in a pack.

Where's the rest of Dad?

So hard to unpack. HIt'se's bent over with a straight back, hands on knees, legs spread apart behind his kids. He must be crazy tall.

This dog has the mane of an angelic lion.

It's a dog in a dog! This is the kind of image that looks like it could be repeated to infinity.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a... cat?

Cats can twists themselves into all manner of positions, hence their internet popularity. And, apparently, this one can become a raven.

This kid looks like a god.

And on the third day, God created a giant human child to watch over all of us. Or, a tour guide got bored one day and figured out how to make a bunch of tourists laugh.

Wait for it, wait for it.

The placement of these cards feels intentional. Someone must have been stoned and playing around at work, right?

You can have the world at your fingertips.

Leslie Knope would be deeply impressed with this city's commitment to cool park planning.

This church is adorable.

This looks like a cartoon chicken convinced the world is ending because an apple fell on his head.

Bird felt cute, might delete later.

It's comforting to know that even animals love to have their picture taken. It's not just millennials.

The planning on this is so astounding.

Instagram museums are almost painfully lame, but perspective photography like this is undeniably cool.

This dog is aggressive.

Or, that tail is surprisingly limb-like. The confusing perspective makes the scene look animated.

This one will break your brain.

It's an adult man holding a child, but the way the child's face blends in with the man gives the man jowls and the child a man's head. Freaky.

This looks like the grainy footage from the Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape.

It takes a while to unsee the boat and realize it's a windshield with a broken antenna.

This girl is over and under the steel banister.

Her horizontal stripe matches up with the railing perfectly. So trippy.

This isn't what it looks like. Really.

Unfortunate candid photo. The friend's shirt is the same color as the guy's jacket. Nothing to see here, folks.

Not so confusing as it is beautiful.

It looks like one of those Escher drawings in math class: drawing the impossible. How idyllic to feed swans in the snow.

The cars of the future are here.

This looks like half of the car is covered with Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, but it's really just a fallen car bumper sitting on a wet street after a car accident.

Tiny soldiers indeed.

Everyone in this pool is distorted to look like the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum from Alice in Wonderland.