A Republican congressman who has avidly denied there was an insurrection on January 6th has since been pictured barricading the doors against angry rioters within the Capitol building.

Pretty ironic, right? Here's the full story...

Now, although it's been over 4 months since the shocking scenes unfolded at the U.S Capitol building...


The world is still reeling from the aftermath of the violence unleashed on that fateful day.

It all started when former president, Donald Trump, held a "Save America" rally in Washington D.C, just a few miles away from the White House.


Trump repeatedly told his crowd that he was "the real winner" of the 2020 election and how they needed to "take the election back" before finally telling them to "go down to the Capitol building" and "fight like hell for our country."

He even said he'd be there alongside them which, of course, he didn't mean literally.

This resulted in thousands of his supporters, all armed with MAGA merchandise and Trump flags, storming down to the U.S Capitol building and breaking in...


Where hell was well and truly unleashed.

A joint session of Congress was underway to certify Biden's election win when the rioters made their way into the building.

Thankfully, all members of the House and staff were safely evacuated but this didn't mean things were over.

People began smashing down windows and doors, looting valuable items, and even breaking into Nancy Pelosi's office and taking some of her personal possessions.

And to make things even more terrifying...


Text messages were later discovered from one of the rioters describing his plans to "shoot and run over" Pelosi.

Thankfully, these terrible plans didn't go ahead - but it just goes to show the alarming ideologies and ambitions held by many of the people present on that day.

While Trump was called on again and again to issue a televised statement to try and calm his supports, he instead (and eventually) tweeted a video telling his supporters to "go home"...

All while reminding them that they're "very special" and that he "loves them."

Of course, this wasn't taken well by the very shaken-up members of Congress and it really didn't help that Trump was refusing to take responsibility for the riots.

His reluctance to take responsibility then lead to him being suspended indefinitely from all major social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram...

Of course, we all know how much Trump loved to tweet, so this was a huge deal.

And to make things even worse for the former president, on the afternoon of January 13th, Donald Trump was officially impeached...


Making him the only president in U.S history to be impeached more than once.

But perhaps the worst thing that came out of this terrible event was the amount of death that was caused.


5 people in total were killed during the riots, 4 of which were avid Trump supporters.

More tragedy was to follow in the days following the riots.

Capitol Police Officer Howard Liebengood died by suicide within days of responding to the scene.

And a second police officer later took his own life after responding to the riots.

In January, acting D.C. Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert J. Contee III revealed in his opening statement to a closed session of the House Appropriations Committee that one of his officers, Jeffrey Smith, died by suicide days after the riot.

But in the day following the riots, Capitol police officer, Brian D. Sicknick, who was attacked by numerous members of the violent mob, died in hospital.

He died from his injuries, according to The Guardian.

Officer Sicknick, who was forty-two, was reportedly struck in the head with a fire extinguisher while "physically engaging" with the rioters. He collapsed soon after returning to his division before being rushed to a nearby hospital.

It was later discovered, however, that Sicknick's death wasn't a result of blunt force trauma...


But instead, it was a potential result of being exposed to too much pepper spray after being repeatedly sprayed by a rioter.

This just goes to show how violent the scenes really were at the Capitol building that day...


But shockingly so, many Republican figures - including Trump himself - continue to refuse to see the riot as an insurrection and they have been insisting to this very day that it was nothing but a peaceful protest.

And that includes Republican congressman Rep. Andrew Clyde.


Speaking at a House oversight committee hearing on Wednesday, Clyde made his views on the Capitol riot very clear.

He said it was a "bald-faced lie" to call the riot an insurrection and he even claimed it resembled a "normal tourist visit", as per Business Insider.

Clyde described the rioters as an "undisciplined mob" but also said they resembled tourists, Insider's Grace Panetta reported.


"You know, if you didn't know the TV footage was a video from January the 6th, you would actually think it was a normal tourist visit."

But many found his comments rather contradictory...


And a photographer decided to share a photo he had taken of Clyde using furniture to barricade the House against rioters trying to force their way in on social media.

The photographer wrote:

"The Rep. Clyde news reminded me of this: UNITED STATES - JANUARY 6: Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Ga., second from top left, helps barricade the House chamber door as rioters disrupt the joint session of Congress to certify the Electoral College vote on January 6, 2021."

Of course, this was addressed at the hearing...


And the congressman suggested that because rioters did not breach the chamber, it was not an insurrection.

He explained:


"As one of the members who stayed in the Capitol and on the House floor and who with other Republican colleagues helped barricade the door until almost 3 pm that day from the mob who tried to enter, I can tell you, the House floor was never breached, and it was not an insurrection."

So, there you have it.


What do you think about Rep. Clyde's comments? Do you think he's being delusional or do you think he makes a valid point?