Whoever Runs Cookie Monster’s Twitter Is An Actual Genius

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Cookie Monster, from the iconic PBS show, Sesame Street, probably holds a soft spot in the hearts of kids and former kids everywhere. He’s a monster who loves cookies and can’t help but eat them almost all the time, so basically, he is me. What I am saying is that I am Cookie Monster. We are all Cookie Monster. And whoever runs Cookie Monster’s Twitter account is a social media genius.

You don’t necessarily expect a puppet from a kid’s show to be a savvy Internet person, but Cookie Monster is a gem. I am not delusional. I know there’s a social media manager behind the account, but they have crafted such a perfect voice for this blue, cuddly cookie-loving monster that they deserve an award. Maybe it’s the primitive way he speaks or the one-track mind, but Cookie Monster’s tweets will having you rolling on the floor laughing, and then going to pick up some cookies.

Look at this superstar.

I think I’ve resonated with Cookie Monster for decades because, well, he loves cookies and I do too. But now, he’s also a Twitter genius.


I love this method of self-care so much. This is something that I definitely want to adopt in my daily life in 2019.

Thank u, next

Yas, Cookie Monster! We are all listening to Ariana Grade and pretending she’s singing about cookies this year.

Who have cookie?

This attitude of politely demanding what you want is the energy I want to bring with me into 2019.

Oops, me did it again

Cookie Monster’s song parodies are second-to-none, and honestly, I relate to these lyrics much more than the original ones.


Sometimes, simplicity is the best way to get your point across. I think we all know what this tweet is about.

Eat cookie

Wow. You know, when I came to Cookie Monster’s Twitter page, I expected to be entertained, but I didn’t expect to get such good life advice.

Three things

Cookie Monster knows who he is, you know? He’s really an example for us all.

Get you a friend that…

We would all be in great shape if we had a friend who looked at us like Cookie Monster looks at cookies.

Cookie sandwich

Recipes too! Is there anything that Cookie Monster can’t give us?

Dat face

We’ve all made plans and then wanted to cancel them to eat cookies instead. How does Cookie Monster get inside my head like this?!

Philosophical questions

Cookie Monster isn’t just about cookies. He’s about asking those tough life questions too.

April 25th

Yes, here is Cookie Monster giving us his own spin on that iconic Miss Congeniality quote. Perfect.

Tell Your Story

It’s refreshing to come across someone who is so sure of themselves, so strong in their convictions.

Big questions

What a good question. Better eat another cookie to be sure.

Tofu stir fry

See? Cookie Monster contains multitudes of different cookies. And some regular meals.

Crumbly fingers

Me too, Cookie Monster. Me too.

1000 Miles

Vanessa Carlton’s classic song is the perfect cookie anthem. Who knew?

Tuesday thoughts

This is just logic. (This is your excuse to eat a cookie right now.)

Me invited?

Cookie Monster is a real role model. He takes the reins and goes after what he wants in like, which are cookies, 99 percent of the time.

Rainy weather

It’s really amazing how many of Cookie Monster’s tweets I wholly relate to deep down within my soul. This is one of them.


Oh, Cookie Monster, let me tell you: Cookies are always better than vlogs. One hundred percent of the time.

Best Halloween

Oh man, I’ve always eaten candy and only candy on Halloween, but I’m going to have to give Cookie Halloween a try!


This tweet is me every single time I try to start eating healthy. “I had one healthy meal. Now dessert!”

Camera roll

I love the idea that Cookie Monster snaps professional-looking cookie pictures wherever he goes.

Send cookies

Cookie Monster has his priorities straight. He knows that cookies are the most important thing.


Oh my gosh, I’ve never thought about this before, but Cookie Monster is right! All the best foods are circles. (Let’s add bagels to that list.)

Snack times

Cookie Monster and I both need snacks every three minutes or so in order to get through the day.

Don’t say it

Cookie Monster is also a meme queen. He’s invincible.

Dat it

Cookies forever. Share this with someone who appreciates cookies like Cookie Monster does!