Dog Owners Claim This Cooling Bandana Is a ‘Godsend’ for Pups on Sweltering Summer Days

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It’s hard not to feel bad for your pet dog during a heatwave. Facing high temperatures while coated in a layer of fur can’t be any fun. But Amazon users are citing this brand new cooling dog bandana as a life-changing product …

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Meet the ALL FOR PAWS Chill Out Dog Ice Bandana.

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It’s an ingenious piece of tech that stays cool for hours, helping give your hot dog some blessed relief.

It comes in two sizes designed to fit all dogs…

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And it doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals to stay cool, meaning you can ensure your dog is both chilled out and safe!

​Simply soak the bandana in water, twist the product, and place it in the fridge for ten minutes.

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After 10 minutes of soaking you can be safe in the knowledge your doggie will be kept cool for hours!

​”Works as described! I used another reviewer’s tip: I fit the bandana to my dog, run it under water, and then place it in the freezer (around a round tub of ice cream to retain the shape). I put it on my black, ACD/lab mix after we played ball outside in the 93 degree AZ heat and she did not pant as much as she usually does. She did settle down more quickly. I plan to buy another,” writes one 5-star reviewer.

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Convinced? You can get your own right here.