Coors Light Delivers 150 Beers to 93-Year-Old Woman Who Pleaded for More | 22 Words

A ninety-three-year-old woman took the internet by storm when she used a sign to plead for more beer during self-isolation.

Now, it looks like she's had an unlikely special delivery. Keep scrolling for the hilarious photos...

Self-isolation is the new reality.  

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As the pandemic rages on, most of the world is practicing the art of social distancing and self-isolation.

World leaders have been left with no choice but to bring their countries to a total stand-still...

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And many have now banned large and crowded events, including any travel to and from infected countries.

Things are deadly serious...

And many people have been descending into mass hysteria over the risks the virus brings with it.

The importance of self-isolation has been stressed globally...

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And it has been proven that locking down public areas and avoiding social situations has helped reduce the chances of spreading the already out of control virus.

Millions are now living in quarantine...

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But it really isn't as easy as it seems.

Freedom has been stripped from us...

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And no longer can we go out and do whatever we please.

It turns out that staying indoors and watching TV for weeks on end really isn't as fun as it sounds...

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And many people are finding they are missing a lot of luxuries that they once took for granted.

Things such as taking the dog for a walk or visiting friends have well and truly been taken for granted...

And the majority of us are struggling to be kept away from our families.

But the biggest thing that people seem to be longing for...

Is a refreshing beer.

Of course, we can always pick up a few from the local store...

But for those who are having to self-isolate completely, such as the elderly or the vulnerable, getting their hands on these essentials is almost impossible.

So, one woman went the extra mile to make sure her beer-related needs were met.

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Ninety-three-year-old Olive Veronesi from Pennsylvania was pictured by a relative holding up a hilarious "need more beer" sign along with a Coors Light can in hand.

Desperate needs call for...

Desperate measures!

And when the images reached social media...

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They spread like wildfire, with more than 4 million views on Facebook alone.

After seeing the snaps, tons of people offered to buy Olive her beloved beer.

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But that's not how the story goes...

Coors Light spotted the pictures of Olive...

And being their number one fan and all, decided she deserved her fix.

So, the company sent her a staggering number of the beers...

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150, to be precise.

The company annouced the delivery was made on April 13.

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And of course, all safety precautions were followed.

And Olive made sure to show her appreciation.

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She's got a new sign! This time it reads "got more beers."

Here she is enjoying her delivery.

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This is the type of content we all need right now.

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