Dashcam Shows New Mexico Cop Killed by Drug Dealer With Assault Rifle

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Horrifying dashcam footage has been released showing the moment a New Mexico police officer was gunned down after he pulled over a drug dealer armed with an assault weapon.

Here’s the full story…

It’s 2021, and we are living in a society where children can’t even go to school without the fear of being shot…

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It seems barbaric when written down in black and white, doesn’t it?

But, sadly, this is the reality for far too many Americans.

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It’s no secret that gun control laws have been slack for far too long, meaning that we have endured a disgracefully high number of shootings.

We even have a “mass shooting tracker.”

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When a country needs a website to keep track of its nearly-daily mass shootings, you know things need to change.

For years now, there have been repeated calls for stricter gun laws…

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But this year, following a sickening spike in mass shootings across the country, the pressure on our government to take action has doubled down.

The recent atrocities in Atlanta and Colorado have shaken people to their core…

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So now, more than ever before, people are desperate to see change.

Steps that should have been rolled out years ago are now being put into place..

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President Biden has previously spoken on taking action to prevent further mass violence following the tragic deaths this year.
“I don’t need to wait another minute – let alone an hour – to take common-sense steps that will save the lives in the future, and I urge my colleagues in the House and Senate to act.”

He urged Congress to tighten gun laws and called for a ban on assault-type weapons.

As per NBC News, he added:
“I got that done when I was a senator. It passed. It was a law for the longest time, and it brought down these mass killings. We should do it again.
“We can close loopholes in our background check system, close the Charleston loophole. That’s one of the best tools we have right now to prevent gun violence.”

On April 8th, Biden announced 6 executive orders to kickstart his new gun control agenda, as per CNN.

Firstly, the administration will clamp down on the use of so-called “ghost guns” (homemade guns) as well as tightening rules on pistol stabilizing braces. The braces allow for a more accurate shot to be taken and a stabilizer was actually used during last month’s mass shooting in Colorado.

Biden also wants to implement national “red flag laws” which will allow people to petition a court to remove a firearm if they think a person is a danger to themselves or others.

The president also wants to nominate a gun control advocate to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

And lastly, the Biden administration wants to reduce gun violence in urban areas by pledging to make investments in community violence intervention programs.

But sadly, for many, these steps are a little too late…

Like for the family of Officer Darian Jarrott…

Who, on February 4, was killed after he pulled over a drug dealer armed with an assault weapon.

Jarrott initially pulled over Omar Felix Cueva for his window tint being too dark.

While Cueva was cooperative to begin, things took a turn when he was asked if he had any firearms.

And now, the New Mexico cops have released dashcam and bodycam footage from Officer Jarrott.

And it’s started a conversation online…

Officer Jarrott pulled over Cueva on February 4 for his window tint being too dark.

When speaking to Jarrott, Cueva was initially cooperative, but…

That came to a stop when Jarrott asked if he was carrying any firearms.

When asking Cueva to step out the vehicle, Jarrott asks him “do you have a firearm on you?”

He then asks: “Mind if I take it off you, for my safety?”

But then, as Cueva walked to the back of the truck, he opened fired at Officer Jarrott.

Jarrott can be heard yelling “oh sh*t” before falling to the ground.

Cueva then ran over to him and fired several more times before fleeing the scene.

A fellow officer arrived and tried to save Jarrott, but efforts were to little avail.

Officers also began a forty-mile pursuit with Cueva which ended in a gun battle and Cueva dead.

The investigation is ongoing.

With questions raised over how Cueva was able to obtain an assault weapon with his history. The full video is here.
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