The "drunk" police officer who shamefully racially profiled an innocent Black man in Pennsylvania has been removed from duty...

And people have been left furious over not only his unprofessionalism towards an innocent person...


But also the way he was treating someone just because they were Black.

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Now, although the Black Lives Matter movement and awareness of racism is more prominent than ever...


There are still so many problems here in the United States.

And sadly so, the majority of these problems stem from the U.S police force.


Did you know that the rate of fatal police shootings among Black Americans is much higher than that for any other ethnicity? It stands currently at thirty-five fatal shootings per million of the population as of March 2021.

The tragic deaths of Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice, George Floyd, and Daunte Wright are mere examples of this...


And thousands of people continue to be judged, profiled, and harassed by authority figures just because of their race.

This shouldn't be happening...


But sadly, it continues to happen every day here in America and the most recent - and very shocking - incident was caught on camera in Pennsylvania.

Twenty-year-old Marcus Townsend was dining alone at G&G Restaurant in Vandergrift when he was approached by a police officer who appeared to be drunk...

YouTube / WTAE-TV Pittsburgh

And when the officer started aggressively firing questions at him, Marcus decided to start filming and later uploaded the shocking footage on Twitter.

​People have been left appalled, to say the least.

The officer has since been identified as William Moore, a twenty-year veteran of Vandergrift PD.


In the video, Officer Moore appears to be intoxicated as he is slurring his words and his eyes look glazed.

Marcus is heard asking the officer what he has done to be questioned, to which Moore replies with, "I got called here for you! You have any ID on you?"

Marcus tells the aggressive officer that he doesn't, by law, have to show his ID...


But Officer Moore seems to think differently and he calls for "another unit."

"I am your superior!" he then shouts as Marcus requests for him to bring his superior to the scene, "My badge number is 4. You understand that?"

The officer then resorts to some distasteful sarcasm when Marcus accuses him of racially profiling him.


"Oh yeah, it's racial profiling! Run that please," he barks over his radio, "because this guy says that I'm 'racial profiling' him."

"Oh yeah! 'Cause I just don't like Black people," he then loudly mocks, "Yeah I don't Black people, It's like that out here... everybody who knows me knows that I don't care whether you're white, brown... or tan. I'm tired of your attitude."

​Outside, a far calmer and more respectful officer arrives and helps diffuse the situation somewhat.


Officer Moore once again radios the station to ask if Marcus has any arrest warrants — and his face visibly drops when he's told, "Negative."

After a pained pause he radios back, "Okay... stand everything down. Please," but then remembers something else he can dig into... "Also, a criminal history."

The footage is utterly shocking to watch...


And the way in which Officer Moore was treating Marcus - an innocent man who had done absolutely nothing wrong - is nothing short of disgusting.

Well, Mayor Barb Turiak has confirmed to TribLive that the officer had been removed from duty on paid leave while the incident was being internally investigated.


"Once complete, council members will decide if Moore should keep his job", she said.

Vandergrift Police Chief Joe Caporali told the publication Moore had responded to a 911 call on Saturday reporting that a Black male was smoking marijuana outside G&G Restaurant on Columbia Avenue...


He did not say who placed the 911 call and said the allegations against Moore "are being taken seriously by borough officials."

And it seems as if Moore is no stranger to controversy...

As in 2017, the officer was placed on paid leave when police said he assaulted and threatened a fourteen-year-old boy.

Per court papers the incident, which was also caught on video, shows Moore grabbing the boy by his arm and placing his hand over the boy's mouth; a bystander had to pull Moore's hand from the boy's face.

Marcus strongly denied smoking marijuana...

And he explained to WTAE-TV Pittsburgh that he and his girlfriend, along with her service dog, were just trying to have breakfast together.

You can watch the original footage of Officer Moore here:

This is a developing story and updates will be posted accordingly.