Coronavirus Doctor Fired for Saying Hospital Didn’t Have Protective Equipment

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Yesterday, news broke that the United States now leads the world with the highest number of confirmed cases of coronavirus.

The shocking news came after months of coronavirus wreaking havoc across the globe.

Now, another worrying revelation has been made, after an American doctor claimed he was fired for saying his hospital didn’t have enough protective equipment.

Here’s the full story:

Including 1,177 known deaths – more cases than China, Italy or any other country has seen, as per The New York Times.

And without a doubt have become the hardest hit, as of today.  

Trump has repeatedly expressed how eager he is to lift lockdowns within weeks, despite warnings from experts and doctors that if the nation returns to work, COVID-19 cases could spike once again.

So much so, that this week, those who have been in New York, specifically, the New York metro area, are being asked to quarantine for fourteen days.

And 385 deaths, most of them occurring in New York City.  

Dr. Craig Smith, chair of the department of surgery at Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York City, explained: “We have not exhausted our existing supply of ventilators but if we keep doubling every three days, we might.”

She said that those locations were showing a “more rapid increase” of spread.

This is certainly a worrying time for all those in America and across the globe.

And one doctor has even been fired for criticizing the lack of protective equipment.

After the doctor complained online that PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center in Washington had a serious lack of protective equipment, he was told his contract had been terminated.

Ming Lin, who had worked at the hospital for 17 years, tried to raise awareness of the lack of equipment but he was given an ultimatum to either delete his social media posts or have his contract terminated.

Across the world, countless doctors have contracted the virus and many of them have died. Why? Because of a serious lack of protective equipment.

He claims it’s a real ‘blow’ to be terminated – however people online are hailing him as a true hero. We agree.