Is there anything Costco can't do? Whether you want a never-ending tub of Nutella, a bottomless pit of mac and cheese, or some surprisingly delicious apple pie spring rolls, the megastore has everything you could possibly need - and more.

But now they've come up with the final frontier. The latest Costco launch that has got everybody excited may be their best yet. Fans of booze, popsicles, and low-cal snacks, look no further - Costco has you covered.

Costco is like no other place on earth.

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After Walmart, it's the second-largest retailer in North America, having been founded way back when in 1983. Imagine - there was once a world without Costco!

The store has a pretty unique premise.

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It's designed for small businesses to buy large amounts at wholesale prices - but it's also open to the public, meaning regular folks can make some pretty impressive savings.

Which can bring on a certain type of hysteria.

When everything is enormous and affordable, shopping at Costco can quickly turn into something of a manic episode.

Costco memberships are pretty serious business.

But once you're in, you get unlimited access to all the amazing (and unique) products they have on offer.

There's another reason Costco is so beloved, too.

Can we say free samples? There's nothing better than cruising past the unsuspecting employees multiple times to make you feel like a secret agent.

Costco jokes are a beloved subgenre of Twitter.

You really can't hit the store up for a small shop. Whatever you "need," you'll always return with much, much more.

And once in a while, a particular product attracts a lot of attention.

Sometimes, the masterminds behind Costco really hit upon an ingenious idea - and the internet quickly becomes borderline hysterical.

And now, Costco has delivered to a particular group of customers.

The cocktail lovers can rejoice, thanks to the megastore's latest launch.

And it's a good'un.

For those with a taste for a boozy treat, you're in luck here.

And this isn't any old treat.

It combines three things basically everybody loves.

Boozy popsicles at 100-calories a pop.

Does life get any better?

They've been spotted on social media.

And people are excited!

For those who love a drink but want the treat of a popsicle ...

This option is a total dream come true.

They've been spotted in several stores.

We've got our fingers crossed for a full Costco takeover.

And it seems the internet agrees!

We're so down.

God bless this magical store.

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