A city councilman has been fired after he refused to address a Black woman by her doctoral title.

Keep scrolling to watch the tense moment for yourself...

The tense exchange between Tony Collins and Dr. Carrie Rosario happened during a virtual meeting on April 19th.


Towards the end of the 4-hour-long Zoning Commission meeting, Collins, who was a member of the Greensboro Zoning Commission for North Carolina, addressed Rosario as "Mrs."

Immediately following his mistake, Rosario, an associate professor at the University of North Carolina, corrected Collins.


"It's Dr. Rosario, thank you, sir," the professor politely said in response.

However, Collins wouldn't accept his blunder.


Instead, he ignored the comment and proceeded to make his argument. "If Mrs. Rosario has something," he continued.

But, determined not to be ignored, Rosario reiterated her request.


"Dr. Rosario," she firmly repeated.

​Collins then attempted to blame the fact her title wasn't stated in her Zoom account username. 


"Well, you know, I'm sorry," he responded. "Your name says on here, 'Carrie Rosario.' Hey Carrie."

Rosario responded by, once again, asking him to "call me as I would like to be called."


Quite unbelievably, Collins then said, "Well, it doesn't really matter..." to which Rosario swiftly pointed out, "It matters to me."

The painful back-and-forth continued as the city official insisted on calling the resident by the name on her computer screen.


"I'm verbalizing my name is Dr. Carrie Rosario. And it really speaks very negatively of you as a commissioner to be disrespectful," she said. "Out of respect, I would like you to call me by the name that I'm asking you to call me by."

Of course, it didn't take long for the footage from the virtual meeting to go viral...

And people were left completely disgusted by Collins' actions.

Well, the city council reviewed a clip of the exchange the following day...


To which they voted unanimously to remove Collins.

"It was a very disrespectful exchange between an important commissioner and a public citizen," City Councilwoman Sharon Hightower said after the vote.


Hightower added that Collins was using his "white privilege" by continuously refusing Rosario's request, The Greensboro News & Record reported.

In another interview with McClatchy News the following day, Hightower said Collins' behavior will not be tolerated.


"As a Black female, I am not going to see another Black female treated in this manner," she said.

Rosario shared a similar sentiment after the experience.


"I cannot judge what is in Mr. Collins' heart, nor would I presume to, but I will say that racism as a system devalues and dismisses Black women - and Mr. Collins' actions were evidence of the microaggressions that we face on a regular basis just trying to go about our daily lives," the professor said.

You can watch the painful moment for yourself below.

Tony Collins is yet to comment on the incident.