Count Your Bracelet Lines On the Wrist. Do You Know What It Actually Means? | 22 Words

Take a look at your wrist. The horizontal or curved lines that separate the palm of the hand and the rest of the arm are the bracelet lines, which can have several meanings related to one's health and prosperity.

Do you know what yours mean?

Line 1

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While the average person has two or three bracelet lines, the first one is the most important, as it represents that the person is in good health and active in life.

Line 2

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If the second line is straight without any gaps in it, you will be happy and prosperous in life, even attaining wealth in the future.

Line 3

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If this line is straight without gaps, you will be highly influential in life, and remembered for the great work you do!

Line 4

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The fourth is usually considered a parallel of the third line and favors and strengthens it.