Country Legend Doug Supernaw Dead Aged 60 | 22 Words

Country legend, Doug Supernaw, has tragically died.

Supernaw, who first arrived on the scene in the 90s, had a huge fan-base and his debut album sold over a half a million copies.

Supernaw died Friday morning aged just 60.

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Rest in peace.

Doug Supernaw has died.

Country legend Doug Supernaw has tragically passed away.

Supernaw was born in Texas.

Born in Bryan, Texas, back in 1960, Supernaw was introduced to country music by his mother who had a great influence on him.

He was a college drop-out.

And after leaving college he briefly worked on an oil-rig.

But country music was his greatest passion.

And it wasn't long before he became a full-time musician across Texas and Tennessee.

He spent years in Nashville.

Working as a singer-songwriter and playing with different country bands.

But eventually he formed his own band and moved back to Texas.

And shortly afterwards he was signed up to a big record label.

And then Supernaw found success.

Supernaw had a No. 1 single in I Don’t Call Him Daddy and sold more than half a million copies of his debut album, Red and Rio Grande.

But one of his biggest hits...

Was the classic country song, Reno, which boasts millions upon millions of views on YouTube.

But tragically, his success didn't last long.

Supernaw was a tortured artist, struggling with his mental health as well as addiction problems.

Supernaw also ran into trouble with the law.

And according to the Houston Chronicle he spent more time in jail and court than in the recording studio.

"Public intoxication, marijuana possession, nonpayment of child support and assault of a police officer."

And these were just a few of the charges up against Supernaw.

But many remember Supernaw as a much gentler spirit.

Nashville songwriting legend Jim Lauderdale spoke very highly of Doug. He recalled:
He tracked us down and sent us both gifts, which is very rare for an artist to do. I was touched by his kindness and thoughtfulness. He had a warmth and openness that was real.

Speaking after his death, Lauderdale added:

Doug was a strong presence on and off stage. I loved his voice. (We) were thrilled when he cut ‘She Never Looks Back,’ and he really nailed it.

He continued:

The road of a country singer has a lot of twists and turns but Doug made it home with an inner strength and the good love of his family, friends and fans. He shared that big heart ’til the end.

Supernaw released a greatest hits album in 2017.

But he never made the comeback many were hoping for.

Supernaw was still being listened to up until his death.

And he is survived by his third wife, children, and grandchildren.

Confirming his death, a representative said:

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Gold Record Country Artist, Doug Supernaw.

He was just 60.

Supernaw was just 60-years-old at the time of his death and will be deeply missed by the country music world.

His cause of death was also reported.

Supernaw died on Friday, nine months after being diagnosed with lung and bladder cancer.

Rest in peace.

Our thoughts go out to Supernaw's family and friends during this hard time.