Couple Adopts 4 Siblings From Foster Care Only To Discover They’re Having Quadruplets

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Although it can be scary sometimes, the beautiful thing about life is that you never know what’s around the corner… You can guess, but there’s always something that happens that you just weren’t expecting.

Well, one couple decided it was time to adopt 4 siblings from foster care, and then, not long after, a big surprise came their way.

Jacob and Maxine Young have been married since 2016, and the couple has always wanted to change the lives of those in the foster care system, hoping that one day, she’d get the opportunity to create her own little family of 5 or 6.

And so, they did exactly that… Or at least something along the lines of that.

Maxine, thirty, has struggled in the past to concieve naturally.

And, after looking into foster care, she knew it was something that she’d love to do, starting her own little family by giving children in care a forever home.

Talking to Good Morning America, Maxine said: “We started to take the foster care classes and were approved in about two months. Not even a month later, we got our first placement call.”

And it was a request to take in 3 siblings all under the age of 4.

So the excited Maxine said yes without any hesitation. “It was really overwhelming. Going from zero to three kids is a lot, but they had already been through so much and lost so much that I didn’t want to separate them,” she said.

But then, Maxine and Jacob got another call asking if they’d take in a little girl named Elliot, the sibling to the other 3 children Maxine was looking after.

And it seemed to be the best phone call of Maxine’s life: “We said yes to their baby sister and it was one of the best yesses of my life. “Elliot and I are so close. I laugh with Jake that she is my real soulmate,” she explains.

Not long after, the power couple were greeted with some more news.

Maxine and Jacob had been using intrauterine insemination while raising their 4 little munchkins.

And in October of 2018, they welcomed the 5th member of their herd into the world… little Henry Young.

So at this point, the herd consisted of momma and pappa, Maxine and Jacob, the 4 adoptive siblings, Aiden, Parker, Connor, and Elliot, and their newest edition, little Henry.

Years ago, Maxine and Jacob would have probably laughed if someone told them they were going to end up a family of 7…

But, as of 2019, it became official.

The foster siblings became the children of Mrs. and Mr. Young through adoption.

In an Instagram post dedicated to adoption day, Maxine wrote: “We dove in headfirst, without knowing how to swim. It felt like all we did was tread water for the first few months. Slowly, very slowly we began to learn one another, we got into a rhythm of things and it became second nature. Life was normal, or as normal as having 4 children in foster care could be. We had melted into a unit, we had become a family.

“YOU, you are the heroes of this world. The silent soldiers make this world a better place just by being in it. I am in awe of you. All of you. You have shown me what matters in this world. You have given me glasses so that I could see the world through a different lens.”

But, the surprises didn’t stop there because they’re now a family of eleven after finding out Maxine was pregnant with quadruplents, even though she didn’t think she could concieve naturally.

Wow. Miracles really do happen.

“At first I was excited, but that quickly became nervousness,” she admitted to the news outlet.

“The doctors made it seem like it would be impossible to have four healthy babies and wanted us to reduce. Once we accepted that it would be risky, we felt joy come back. All four of our babies were healthy. I’m so glad we went with our gut,” she continued.

And so, in July of 2020, Silas, Theo, Beck and Cecilia were welcomed into their pack.

Those children are the luckiest children in the world, with parents who will love them eternally.

“You never feel like there’s not enough love in the house,” Maxine said.

“They might not share the same blood but they love each other just as much and it’s a beautiful thing to see.”