Fairytale alert!

A couple celebrated their wedding day at the bookstore where they had their first date and we can't help but gush over all the photos...

Janine and Joe Shuter had their first date at Blackwell's 5 years ago...


And decided they wanted to recreate the same setting on their big day.

The happy couple surprised staff at the Oxford book shop shortly after exchanging vows.

Janine, twenty-four, turned up in her lacy white wedding gown, along with her husband, Joe, thirty-seven wearing his sage green 2-piece and off-white floral shirt.

It's safe to say everyone was a little taken aback by their arrival, but soon the shock turned into joy after they told everyone their fairytale story.

Janine told PA News this: "For us, Blackwell's means everything."

She continued:

"It is history, and because it is local – and don't get me wrong, we still shop at Amazon it's about what you can afford – but we know how important local bookshops are."

"We really wanted to make sure we found some sort of way, even on a Covid-restricted wedding day, to give back, by spending money at a local bookshop," she added.


The couple originally met through work 6 years ago but their relationship moved from just being colleagues to being boyfriend and girlfriend.

And their first date was at their local bookstore, Blackwells.

The pair have invested a lot of their time into collecting books, their current amount is at 880.

And their love for books is so strong that they even asked their wedding guests to give them vouchers instead of other gifts so they could add to their growing collection.

In true fairtytale fashion, they even bought Romeo And Juliet - let's just hope their love story is not as tragic as the classic.

Blackwells decided to dedicate a Twitter post to the happy couple, writing this:

"Wedding bells at Blackwell's!"

"Many many congratulations to this happy couple who visited the bookshop on their wedding day, after meeting for their first date here five years ago."

"Our day has been made! Thank you."

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